GTPCW: 2015-2017 Ferrari FXX-K

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2015-2017 Ferrari FXX-K

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Poll 1406: 2015-2017 Ferrari FXX-K nominated by @Cristobal1234

Body Style: 2-Door Coupe
Engine: 6.3 L naturally aspirated F140 V12 + Electric motor (Hybrid)
Power: 1036 HP (combined power) / 9200 rpm
Torque: Over 664 ft-lb (combined torque) / 6500 rpm
Weight: 1165 kg (dry), 1285 kg (curb)
Transmission: DCT 7 speed Automatic
Drivetrain: Mid engine, Rear wheel drive
The Ferrari FXX-K is a high performance limited production track day car manufactured by automobile manufacturer Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Designed by Marco Fainello, Adrián Méndez and architect Samuel Rodriguez at Centro Stile Ferrari, the FXX-K is based on the street-legal LaFerrari. It succeeds Ferrari's previous developmental track day offerings, the FXX (and the FXX Evo) and the 599XX (along with the 599XX Evo). In 2016, the FXX-K was awarded the Compasso d'Oro industrial design award.
The hybrid powerplant used in the FXX-K has a total power output of 1,050 PS (772 kW; 1,036 hp) and over 900 N⋅m (664 lb⋅ft), of which 860 PS (633 kW; 848 hp) are delivered by the V12 ICE and 190 PS (140 kW; 187 hp) by the electric motor. The V12 engine has been tuned for track use as well as the HY-KERS system. With a dry weight of 1,165 kg (2,568 lb), the FXX-K has extremely effective downforce generation of 540 kg (1,190 lb) at 200 km/h (124 mph).[3][4]

The car has four driving modes: Qualify (maximum performance on short distance), Long Run (for long-distance driving), Fast Charge (for faster recharging of the battery) and Manual Boost, that uses all of the power of the engine and batteries for maximum torque, cornering and speed. It has F1-based technology, including the E-Diff electronic differential, F1-Trac traction control and racing ABS brakes, all controlled from the centre console (Manettino). Like the preceding FXX and 599XX, the FXX-K is a part of Ferrari's Client Test Driver program, that allows owners of XX cars to drive at special tracks, collecting data for use in future Ferrari road and race cars. The front of the car has a large splitter and twin-profile spoiler, the headlights are very small for improving aerodynamics. On the rear, the tail is higher and includes an electronically operated spoiler with a tail fin and a small wing at the end of each fin to maximize the downforce. The car has a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).






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Track-only supercars built from road cars are usually more interesting to me than track-only supercars built from the ground up, and this is no exception. Strong cool.


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Easy Sub-Zero for this car. I throw around "awesome" a lot, but this Ferrari FXX-K is truly awesome. It has heart-stopping performance, flamboyant looks, and immense character. You may knock it because it isn't a road-going car, but this baby means business, speaking as a Ferrari Tifosi. It also looks better than LaFerrari, which I could never get into looks-wise. I'm still trying to skin my own FXX-K for Assetto Corsa.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
You know that without that electric engine it would be better, like the FXX.
Leaving that apart, this car is way better than the LaFerrari, but not better than the FXX. Still SZ, it's one of the best super/hypercars from the last years.
The proof of the magic of the italian design.