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yo no

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heres the poll, explain why you voted for who you did.

EDIT #2:
do me a favor, if you are NOT IN THE COMPETITION DON'T CAST A VOTE!!!!!!! O_o
lol you added 2 more slots than you should have.
at least you didnt screw it all up like someone did before. haha
My vote had to go to the GS (Suzuki) for me this round, it managed to follow a good line and drift the whole corners... Although it didn't quite make it round the 2nd hairpin, it seems like most other entrants had problems extending their drifts around the hairpins.
I didnt even get one in, *my camera was out of batts, and i couldnt complete a corner.
I put those 2 extrta slots so if anyone still wants to get theirs in.
I voted geetown, his seemed the flashiest, and he had good long drifts, keep it up man!
CRAp sorry i hit quick instead of edit O_o
It was a tough decision between ske and geetown, I gave it to ske for near perfect line.:)

So for the next round I need to concentrate on drifting less but getting more angle. As I linked the last two corners and almost managed to get the first one in too.
Some nice drift here, ske sure got my vote on this, but i cant vote, lol, you say you had 2 extra slot Tulok, can i take of of them, i have a day off and nothing special to do so, if you want, i cant do a little run, dont care about vote already begin, thats is just for fun. :sly:
Ok, I'm going to send out a PM to all the mods so they can come and way in on this as well if they wish. That way you have some more votes from impartial voters. :) Loon and I talked about this while setting it up.
I voted for the yellow FD - dunno which driver. His/her run had the best line, and the smoothest line as well. Angle was solid and the linking through the 3-turn ess combination was good.

Runner up goes to the badass '69 Camaro. Linking and angle were fine - the line was just a little off, but pretty good. Unfortunately, a few wobbles kept this run out of the top spot. Bonus points for using an atypical car, but the FD wins by just a nose on its smoothness.
OMG Duke is in here?
video 1: The line was a bit rough, it seems that he lost the power too early in the track.
video 2: Though we suggested N2's as stock tires, angle was small , smoke was small and not enough in the earlier turns
video 3: It seems that the Supra as alot of understeer even though and too much power?
video 4: I like the smoothness but whats up the these RD tires? Trying to get smoke people?
5: Smoothness and smoke is good but it seems that he could of drifted the fourth and last turn longer.
6: This is a good example on how it should be done, though it was RD tires
7: Picking a American muscle in a JPN competition has some Kudos but its kind of heavy and it looked like you pulled the Ebrake at the last hairpin turn. But over all , its good

It seems that this group loves the RD tires at least, could it be for smoke and speed purposes? But like Duke, I am with the FD
I liked the FD video the most... it was smooth and fast. Plus he was the only one that managed to drift the whole hairpin. 👍
i vote for ske too with his FD ! i would have liked to see a crazyest last corner but it's all good anyway:tup:
thanks for the comments on the badass camaro... it is a heavy car but it slides nice. oh and i didnt pull the ebrake on the last turn, i dont really use the ebrake that much, only to avoid hittin the wall maybe
#6 for me. Seemed that this run maintained the slip angle the best: the penultimate turn was a joy to watch. Props to the Camaro driver for remembering that turns have apexes.
nk4e, whats wrong with roads? do you like having no grip and no control?
oh well.
i quit for now.