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It's cold here
You know the exact moment it hits your speakers on the radio what song it is. That initial happiness jump when the guitar fades in, or when that drum beat starts and you crank the volume dial. That's what we want to know, what song comes on the radio and for those few minutes while you're driving your day just lights up and you sing along in the car because you know no one can hear you (or so you think).

So how it works is pretty simple, each nomination will receive its own thread on a Sunday. Normal Sundays will see 3 nomination threads posted, special events will see as many as 6 nominations going up in one day.

Each nomination will be rated from 0 to 5 stars, the polling thread will stay open for 1 week, and results will be the total of the rating divided by the number of voters.

Nomination Rules:
  • No nominator may have more than one song in the queue
  • Nominators may nominate another song after their song has been ranked
  • Songs will not be polled twice and it is up to the nominator to ensure that they are not recycling
  • Song videos must abide by the AUP and expletive laden songs will not have an accompanying video
  • Only studio versions of songs will be rated
  • Cover songs will be rated, as many artists put their own spin on the song they are covering and don't attempt to recreate it perfectly (See Manfred Mann's Earth Band)
Nomination posts should have the following information:

Song Title:
Artist Name:
Album Name:
Year Released:

Video of Song:

Additional Information: (Optional)

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United Kingdom
The UK
Song Title: After Midnight
Artist Name: Dorothy
Album Name: Dorothy EP
Year Released: 2014

Video of Song:

Additional Information: The first song released by Dorothy.


United States
New York
Song Title: Shut Up and Drive
Artist Name: Rihanna
Album Name: Good Girl Gone Bad
Year Released: 2007

Video of Song:
Additional Information: It's in the name, tells you what to do :lol:

Good job making a weekly poll that isn't just a rehash of the rules from the Cool Wall :lol:
United States
Houston, TX
Song Title: Kickstart my Heart
Artist Name: Motley Crue
Album Name: Dr. Feelgood
Year Released: 1989

Video of Song:

Additional Information: Watch your speed when driving to this song, it's ridiculously easy to get carried away and floor it when driving to this one.
Song Title: Mach 5
Artist Name: Presidents of the United States of America
Album Name: Presidents Of The United States Of America II
Year Released: 1996

Additional Information: "Hell I blew the top right off my car..."


Still progressing........
Song title: Don't Stop Me Now
Artist name: Queen
Album name: Jazz
Year release: 1978
Additional info: The song title says it all. Also I always get a vision of a possible GT7 intro whenever I hear this song.