Harrison's Painful Hits of the Week

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As you may notice on the title, I planned on doing my most painful hits of the week. Each week post your painful hits and at the end of week I'll do Top 10 list on to see who's my most painful hit of the week.
*Anyone can compete including myself (though I rarely do.)
*You can post a video or snapshot
*You can post many videos or snapshots each week (Note: At end of the week, on my list I may only pick one from you)
*It can be any car, any track, and any mode (Note: sometimes I might do a theme or restrictions for your posts)
*Each week will start on Monday, last day to is Friday, and the Top 10 list will go on Saturday
If you don't know where I got this, watch this video: and go to 17:28 and btw this show was my childhood.
Edit: this was a create a form test.
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I see two probles with this:

1) you're in the wrong forum section for this (I think?);

2) how can you be the only judge in a contest in which you are taking part?