HD Tuned cars = Drift Tuned, G25, etc.

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These topics aren't really worthy of individual threads, so I'll just put them all here:

I've been playing around with GTHD a little more again recently (since Sony fixed the G25 issues, see below) and noticed that the tuned cars actually appear to be "drift tuned". Oversteer is magnified considerably, and little attention appears to have been paid to overall car balance. Instead, what you get is lots of drift. I'm not sure I like that. I would have preferred the car balance to be closer to that of the untuned car, rather than being prone to considerable oversteer (better than too much understeer though!). If you want less drift in the tuned cars, put one level softer tire on the rear. This goes a long way to getting the stock balance back in the tuned cars.

Speaking of which, I managed to get a 4th place in the Tuned Lotus Elise (reverse). Woo hoo! I have to admit it was kind of fun getting there. I usually drive R1s or R1/R2, but had to move to R2/R3 to break into the top 5.

And, one of the last PS3 firmware updates definitely changed the way the G25 wheel works. When Sony first enabled feedback it didn't seem to work properly with GTHD and the G25. It existed, but was far too light. Now the wheel works like it should, nice strong centering and plenty of feedback force. Feedback is also more detailed than in GT4, and there seems to be a more pronounced difference in steering feel between the different car models.

Also been playing NFS Carbon. Yuck, it really makes me appreciate Gran Turismo. I got bored and gave up about 1/2 way through. Maybe I'll continue it in a few weeks. One thing I do like about NFS Carbon however: They've done a wonderful job with road-surface feedback, a much better job than is done in Grand Turismo. The rest of the feedback is pretty lame, but the different road surfaces themselves are great. Give it a try if you get the chance (try the brick / cobblestone sections). I hope we see some of that in GT5.
I played it for the first time today. I kinda prefer the new way. It feels a lot more direct in my opinion.

But damn those driving aids really slow you down! That'll encourage a lot more people to go without them.

The new ferrari (tuned) is lovely, but it's a pretty wild thing, and I had a lot more success with the lotus elise (got in top 600 on my first run of 3 laps or something like that 👍).

All this really got me in the mood for GT5 prologue, but then again... I was there already
I got my Playseat and G25 yesterday, will be having a go today on HD today. Will make sure I download the latest firmware.