Honda Fuya-Jo Concept 1999

Honda Fuya-Jo Concept '99



• Manufacturer: Honda
• Country: Japan
• Year: 1999
• Type: Street
• Division: Gr.X

• Engine: ---
• Power: --- HP / --- rpm
• Torque: --- Nm
• Engine location: ---
• Displacement: --- cc

• 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Time: Unknown
• Top Speed: Unknown
• Power-to-weight ratio: --- hp/kg

• Drive: ---
• Gearbox: ---

• Lenght: 3050 mm
• Width: 1650 mm
• Height: 1995 mm
• Wheelbase: 2200 mm
• Weight: --- kg


A new generation vehicle that runs through the city with a light-skinned feel like skateboarding

I would like to enjoy running in a more playful style, rather than giving myself a deep seat. Just like riding on a skateboard and breaking the wind, like running through the city with inline skates, there are cars that let through the city with a light feeling. It is the "night castle" that was born from that idea. A skateboard form hight & short 4-seater that makes full use of the vertical space. A semi-standing sheet that overturns the conventional wisdom of "deep in bed" is a style suitable for enjoying the city rhythmically. A light sensitivity that divides functions completely. It is a proposal of "Fun & Future" for the new generation of urban running on the street, playing in the city.

Semi-standing seat, club-like interior. The fun of playing in the city to the future.

A new sense of room where you can enjoy the city rhythmically

• A semi standing seat like a ride on a skateboard. -Ultra-high packaging that has the expansion of the indoor space to the vertical.
• High viewpoint for easy driving, low flat floor for easy getting on and off, indoors where you can stand and move. Enjoy the city, New Human Package.
• We adopt 4-point seat built-in belt to all the seats.


New style side door
• Newly opened side door. Getting on and off is also easy.


Equipped with a dedicated board rack
• Open the rear hatch, there is a dedicated board rack. I enjoy the skateboard soon.


Cockpit in the image of the club
• Steering, operation panel, speakers ... The cockpit is full of club feeling.

Unique steering
• The steering is designed in the image of the turntable of the DJ booth.

Control panel that can be used happily
Control panel which got hint to DJ mixer. Control air conditioning and audio with this panel.


Audio system that enlivens the fun
• Large diameter speakers installed on the door surface. Powerfully boosts Fun in the room.


A nightless castle is a word that indicates "a bright and lively place" in Japanese, even at night or daytime.



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