Horizon 4 pc G27 advise

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi and thanks in advance, have been trying out gamepass for pc and jumped back into the foza series,

I have actually looked briefly and rather than start changing settings for hours on end maybe someone here knows.

is it possible to set the G27 wheel up for horizon 4 so that it handles/feels like forza 7.

As it is now each time I run horizon 4 I have to set the G27 to 900 mode with the buttons on the gear box.

I have changed some of the wheel settings and it feels a bit better these were just random ones I found on Google.

Then a decided to give forza 7 a try and well, all i can say is the steering is perfect no alterations needed at all just started the game and perfect.

Can horizon 4 be set up to handle this way. Or what settings do you guys use.??