Horn 253

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After many moths searching I finally found out which horn is the one that comes equipped with the VW Samba Bus (Horn 253).

As a VW fan, I was very dissapointed to find out that most VW cars had other horns set by default, so now I'm asking for one more Horn number 253.

The following list is the horns I'm willing to trade:

(As called ingame)

Horns No.002
Horns No.013
Horns No.015
Horns No.020
Horns No.027
Horns No.033 (I have two in existence)
Horns No.039
Horns No.040
Horns No.042
Horns No.043 (also two in existence)
Horns No.046
Horns No.048
Horns No.050
Horns No.052 (also two in existence)
Horns No.056
Horns No.058
Horns No.063
Horns No.067
Horns No.087
Horns No.091
Horns No.093
Horns No.097
Horns No.098
Horns No.108
Horns No.111
Horns No.115
Horns No.121
Horns No.126
Horns No.128
Horns No.129
Horns No.135
Horns No.142
Horns No.143
Horns No.144
Horns No.147
Horns No.148
Horns No.149
Horns No.152
Horns No.154
Horns No.156
Horns No.157
Horns No.160
Horns No.166
Horns No.168
Horns No.170
Horns No.174
Horns No.176
Horns No.177
Horns No.178
Horns No.179
Horns No.186
Horns No.187
Horns No.190
Horns No.195
Horns No.196
Horns No.200
Horns No.201
Horns No.203
Horns No.206
Horns No.209
Horns No.210 (two of this one too)
Horns No.220 (also two of these)
Horns No.221 (once again, two of these)
Horns No.223
Horns No.225
Horns No.228
Horns No.229
Horns No.230
Horns No.231
Horns No.232
Horns No.233
Horns No.236
Horns No.241
Horns No.245
Horns No.249
Horns No.252
Horns No.254
Horns No.263
Horns No.264
Horns No.269
Horns No.276
Horns No.277 (two of this one)
Horns No.278

If you want to trade, please post in this thread. I'm also willing to trade the horn for paint chips, but as I have about two thousand of those, I can't make a list of them. If you want to trade the horn for a paint chip, ask me first and I'll see if I have it.

Thanks in advance.

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Mexico City
Ok.. sending friend requests to both of you.


(Are you sure you don't want a horn in return?)
Mexico City
Ok, both friend requests are out. Editing the first post as now I only need 1 horn more.

Thanks, you guys.


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Why didn't you just buy a SambaBus and see which horn was on top of the list?