How do "YOU" hybrid?

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by boombexus, May 31, 2002.


How do "YOU" hybrid?

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    I want to break the sound barrier.

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    Throw a bunch of parts at a car and see what happens.

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    Try to stay within the realm of reality.

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    All show, no go.

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  1. boombexus

    boombexus Staff Emeritus

    Just like to see how all you others prefer to make your hybrids. Maby we can all bounce some ideas off eachother.

    I tend to make mine out of cars I really like to drive but don't have enough power to compete even when fully tuned.

    I try to use realistic modifications that could be done in real life so to speak. (they would probably take thousands of man hours to accomplish though.) I don't try to shoehorn a Speed 12 engine into a Mini.

    The majority of mine are between 500-900 HP, slammed to the ground and handle like there on rails.

    So what about the rest of you?
  2. speedy_2


    Well I haven't built a whole car yet but I downloaded other peoples cars. I really like the 800+ HP cars that stick like glue.
  3. skynyrd


    I like to take a car very few people have hybrided and make a great one out of it.

    Everybody and their brother has made a hybrid out of the 787b, but how many have made a great one out of the FTO? Or the RX-7 Infini III? I've built a 144x hp RX-7 Infini III that is only about 1 second behind a 3,000 hp Camaro I built a while back (very good car, btw) on most tracks.

    So, to answer your poll, none of the above ;)
  4. boombexus

    boombexus Staff Emeritus

  5. MazKid

    MazKid Staff Emeritus

    I make my cars for reality. If the name says that it's a 1.3, damnit I'll put a 1.3 in it. Sure sometimes there is no other engine to use, so I'll just use the normal engine and just mod it with displacement or what ever it's missing...then I'll change the power multiplyer...When you put a turbo on a non turbo car(or any other car than the one it came on)you get lag, so I try to stay with the stock stuff...Skynyrd, I've made hybrids out of everything really. I have an Infini hybrid, it's the normal 13B with added missing parts, and power's 850 hp which isn't much but it drifts on demand, and you can even get it to a point where you drifting, you can let off the steering and just floor it strait out and it will go around the turn in an auto-drift lol.

    Ohh, and my 787B hybrid is the stock engine(26BR)with added missing parts, and it's 2500hp and drives great.

    Also have made a MR Beetle, fun to drive but not really good for racing cause it slides around a lot.

    and a 4wd TT, RWD mini(I have a 4wd Mini, 3500HP, F1 tires, does the 400m at 7 sec), and then my real car wannabies:
    MX-6 GT-It's a R32 Skyline type M, Silvia turbo engine, slightly modded to 220hp.
    323-Altoworks, Miata engine downtuned to 82hp, then modded slightly to 91hp(only cause it was slow as hell), 323 gear ratios too.
    3.5 Altima-Altezza, made FF, Z engine, downtuned to 240hp.
    Probe GT-FTO with the 156 V6 engine, 170hp.

    That's about garage is filled with hybrids though.
  6. crue426


    United States
    i like to use it to build cars not included in the game but they do exist IRL
    example : 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, 1970 440-6 Plymouth Superbird
    i also like to use it to get authentic transmissions, gears, spring rates, camber and castor settings, ect
    (yes you can do both with a racing transmission and racing suspension)
    i also like to build what-if cars : 390ci Mercury motor in a GT40, Dodge Viper with a 1970 426ci Hemi motor, ect..

    So, to answer your poll, none of the above
  7. austindeckerGT5


    United States
    Some personal favorites from way back when this all started haha

    CFM Dub (4).jpg CFM Dub (5).jpg CFM Dub (6).jpg CFM Dub (7).jpg CFM Eunos Roadster (3).jpg
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  8. daan

    daan Moderator

    I'm pretty sure there are more recent and relevent threads than this relic from 12 years ago...
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