How old is the GT5:Prologue Demo do you think?

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Hey Everyone.

We all know about some of the negative opinions that have been expressed about the demo so far. Things such as jaggies in game and showroom, flakey shadows on the in-car view to the environment detailing, driver animations and the mirrors etc.

However, from many videos on You Tube, some that are quite old in terms of when they were first seen, you can see that the driver has more animation than in the demo. This is surely a good thing as it could be showing that the demo that is availabe on the Japenese store that we all have at the moment could be a very, very early build of the game.

How far on from the demo do you think GT5: Prologue will be when it hits stores in mid December (or possibly March 2008 if delayed)?

Hopefully it will be far enough along where the framerate doesn't drop below 40fps even online. Things like the white crawl and jaggies in the cockpit shadows I can live with, until GT5 next year, but framerate problems can hurt the gameplay, especially online.

I'm not exactly sure how old of a build this is, but I am sure Suzuka is by far the worst track in terms of detail and quality PD has to offer. The previews of Daytona and Fuji look far crisper and more developed then Suzuka.

I'm sure there will be major improvements, but we'll just have to wait and see.


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I don't think it is that old. It's a demo of not more than 736mb. We can't expect everything of it.
The build aint very old, since the demo's they showed before TGS didnt have any working mirrors. Just one month beforethe TGS they released a new movie without working mirrors. The demo has working mirrors, so i think the demo was just finished a few weeks before its release.