How rare is GT 2000 actually?

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Supposedly it's the rarest one off disc of a GT game ever made(the game is basically an Early alpha of GT3 for PS2 with alot of GT2 Hud features on it and a playable race at Seattle).

So I have been doing some research on this topic and on the Wiki for the game it says there is around 50 copies, the game was given out for free at the Playstation festival in 2000 at Tokyo.

First of all the 50 number is implausible considering it was given out to promote the game and only having 50 copies makes it basically irrelevant to make the demo to show off as most people at the festival would have no chance to get the game.

I think a figure of over 1-2k copies is more realistic, however it's been 20 years so likely that number is probably at 20% of that figure at most.