HUD caveats

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We all know that GT Sport‘s HUD is rather pragmatic compared to other simulations: basically you can turn it on or off.

I usually turn it on when running with hood or bumper cam. I always turn it off when racing in cockpit view since all its elements negatively affect the overview of the track and the situation around me.

Now, I‘m not talking about an overly configurable HUD (PC2, anyone?) but a major drawback is: with HUD turned off you cannot
- change brake bias
- change fuel mixture
It‘s not just missing information, it‘s also about missing car controls.

So my question to the cockpit-view fans out there is: do you have HUD on or off and - if latter - what do you do about brake bias with deteriorating tires?
Cockpit view is crap. You need multi big screen for that I think.

I like your pic though. I dont remember when you took this of me but I like it. Thanks.
I love cockpit view for the realism, but for racing, there is no other option aside from bumper and roof cam. Me personally, I use cockpit for casual drives, and bumper for races.

I turn off the HUD completely for casual drives, but I have always wanted to be able to customise the HUD for racing. There's a lot of distractions on the HUD because, as OP has said, is very pragmatic, and is either all on or off. Without VR, Radar must be on at ALL times. Heck, I want Radar to be forced on so no one has any excuses like "oh sorry I was playing with my fuel map". But, because Radar is compulsory in my opinion, that brings along with it everything else on the HUD, and I can see it breaking the immersion for some. I wish I could turn off the deltas in time attack mode, because I find myself obsessing over the gains and losses through each corner and it usually screws me over. I know this is entirely my fault, but I wish I could rectify it nonetheless.

To take things one step further, I wish we could customise each aspect of the HUD, primarily the tach. You get different tachs in different views, for example. I also wish we can customise when the horizontal tach fills and starts to flash, to better serve cars that require short shifting to go faster, like the Corvette and GR Supra Gr.3. Also, you know how you get a vignette effect in bumper cam mode when a car is right beside you or in your blind spot? Why don't we have that in any other view? I want that in all my other views, that's super useful!


I agree the HUD should be more configurable with each element being able to be turned on/off. Ideally if it were me we would have 2 basic HUD layout: road or race. In Road you would have the 2 circular speedo and tach as usual, without the rev bar and digital speedo. In Race it's the opposite. Also, all 4 MFD displays (BB, TCS, Fuel, Torque Split) would be shown at all times in the middle (divide the square area by 4 and just have the number showing instead of semicircles which take up too much space). The radar can then be moved to the map area, and you can choose the zoom level just like in GT6. I don't need to see the whole map for example, so I'll just have it at maximum zoom (radar) mode at all times.
Fully agree OP. There should be a 'HUD light' where the FMD menu is shown.
I remember when I played Project Cars the minimized HUD was amazing: all necessary info (tires, fuel etc) was show in the bottom right and bottom left corner of the screen, no items in the center or top. It looked like this:


It's all the info you need when you want an immersive cockpit view experience and there's plenty of room for the FMD menu in the lower left or right corner.

GT has too much info on screen, even when racing with 'race info only' (which is my favorite when racing cockpit view). The minimap in the top right corner for example should be turned of when racing with a minimal HUD.
For me GT Sport has nailed the HUD, I like it a lot. The only thing I'm missing is the rear view mirror in roof cam.

That being said, having more options to customize it is never a bad idea...
I'd really just like UDP compatibilty. That way I could turn the HUD off in game and have whatever I wanted on a seperate tablet