Huge games you don't care about

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RDR 2: It just doesn't click any bells with me. I've just never been fond of Old West games for some reason I can't explain.

Rocket League: It probably looks like a load of fun but something gets my goat about the way its played and how seriously people take it.
This point was pretty much me for all Esports up until a year ago. Then I realised how objectively brilliant Rocket League as an Esport is. :D There is nothing that matches it for pure human drama with no game-mechanics intervening whatsoever.

I always find this an interesting topic. When I was younger there would have been a list at least 20 series long but nowadays I have more appreciation for things like Call of Duty for some reason. The only games I'd probably say are Dark Souls, Bloodborne and God Of War. That's more down to preference though since I'm not a fan of heavy combat, much prefer the madness of titles like Bayonetta & DmC.
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First Person Shooter games not for me and GT Sport - I have yet to buy a PS4; went with a gaming desktop pc - more selection than PS4
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Red Dead Redemption 2. It's a good game and everyone loves it right now (rightfully so, it’s just massively well done and good looking and all that overall) but damn is it boring.

My problem with the game, and other Rockstar games like GTA, is that they try hard to be so realistic to the point where it becomes tedious to play. At what point does it stop being a game? Suppose that’s a matter of opinion, but I prefer to just jump in a game and have fun rather than role-playing an alternate life. :lol:
The Last of Us is definitely the most overhyped game I've bought for my PS4 Pro. Clunky gameplay & boring. Battlefield is a great game but way too bleak for me. I'm not that impressed with Witcher 3 either.

To be honest, if I'm not playing GT Sport it'll be because I'm playing MGS5. Between them they tick most of my boxes.
Call of Duty.

I used to love it at its peak with COD4, MW2 and W@W. When Infinity Ward got fired, the talent drain was painfully obvious.

I did like the Blackout beta, probably will get it if the price is right.
Interesting thread.

As I grew older and life's responsabilities got on the way my gaming time got reduced over and over, therefore my gaming choices became narrow and narrow.

I skipped many so called big franchises, like:

- Assassins creed
- Mass Effect
- Fallout games
- Call of Duty
- Battlefield
- Fifa games (I'm not a soccer fan anyway)
- Metal Gear Solid (all the PS1 - PS3 games, I played the hell out of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain thou)
- Tekken and Street Fighter (I'm a Mortal Kombat guy)

And talking about current gen...
- RDR2
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Uncharted 4
- Destiny
- Fortnite and whatever plays like it

On the other hand I'm following these games like since forever:
- God of War
- Gran Turismo
- F1 games by codemasters
- Killzone
- Bioshock (specially Infinite)
- David Cage's games (Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Indigo Profecy, Detroit Became Human)
- and played The Last of Us campaign countless times


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Final Fantasy games are great, especially the older ones but I have never played any of them at all and finished it. My siblings though did play some of them and were able to finish their stories. This kind of RPG isn't my cup of tea but I do like some of their characters, especially that sexy girl Tifa from FFVII.


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Any Call of Duty that doesn't feature Treyarch's zombies. I played my first Call of Duty back in like 2010/2011 and I just could not get into it for some reason and even now, I still can't. The zombie mode is the only thing that ever stuck with me. I don't know why, but anything outside of Treyarch's zombies has just never worked for me and if I ever buy a Call of Duty game, it's just for zombies and nothing more. The rest just doesn't interest me at all.

Fortnite: I own it since it's free and I was curious as to what all the fuss was about but I can't get over the art style. I can't exactly put my finger but something as a whole rubs me the wrong way. And I'm not the type of person that only appreciates realistic and/or gritty art styles.
Literally everything said right here.
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Call of Duty.

I used to love it at its peak with COD4, MW2 and W@W. When Infinity Ward got fired, the talent drain was painfully obvious.

I did like the Blackout beta, probably will get it if the price is right.

I hadn't played a COD game since the original BlackOps but picked this up just for Blackout and it's been worth every penny in my opinion.
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Out of the big franchises I would say :

FIFA: Have always been a ProEvo man

JRPG's: Used to love these when I was younger but just don't have the time for these type of games anymore

Destiny/Halo: Basically anything space/futuristic related I have no interest in, just isn't my thing

Assassins creed: No clue why but this game bores me to death
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Pretty much any modern triple A title, except RDR2 if that counts. I just feel like I'm not the target audience for games that keep revolving around the same vanilla concept year after year, all while heavily relying on microtransactions. No thanks, I prefer buying a full game and leaving it at that.
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Huge games I don't care about? I have a few.

Entry 1: Grand Theft Auto
Why do I dislike it? It tries way too hard to be 'realistic.' This is purely a me thing, but when I play a game, it's to escape the mundane, extremely dull real world, have fun, and do the impossible, not to have an alternate life. This is why GTA V is my least favorite main game in the whole franchise, it goes way, way, WAY too far with the realism and thus bores me to tears. Although I'm the guy that finds bad games that are broken/unfinished worse than boring ones, GTA V might be an exception. In retrospect, though, part of my spirit finds GTA Online worse. I hate GTA Online because of small-peepee Oppressor Mk. II griefers running amok and killing me, then turning tail and running when I try getting vengeance, awful payouts, the economy, and some of the slowest grinding in the whole of gaming period. Okay, not THE slowest, but it's up there.

Entry 2: Super Mario
Before I go on, let me clarify: Post-Galaxy 2 Mario. Why don't I like it? It's the same. Exact. Damn. Game. Every. Year. With maybe a whooping 1 or 2 new mechanics and/or power-ups. I'm sick of Mario now. Despite being the same exact damn game with very minor tweaks to the formula and a new gimmick every year, each game gets a 90% or above. It's either that, a remake that somehow ends up being worse than the original, or both. Pre-Galaxy 2 Mario is good, though.

Entry 3: Any EA Sports Title
Why do I dislike them? It's the same reason as why I don't like Mario games past Galaxy 2, they're the same damn thing with extremely minor revisions or additions to the standard formula, sold at full price, and yet gets a high score from reviewers most of the time. However, it's worse for EA Sports titles because they have my most hated enemy in the whole of gaming, far more wretched and nasty than Slicers from Sonic 2, Bubsy, and the Geo Hypostasis combined: Microtransactions. Electronic Arts, or Electronic Ass, if you want to call them that, always manages to surprise me in the worst ways. I hope the rotten company crashes, burns, and goes bankrupt in the future.

Entry 4: Most Mobile Games
It's incredibly easy to see why. Mobile games are designed to suck every penny of your money and leave you hungry at night, and Asphalt 8 is one of the best examples of this. Vivendi's takeover of Gameloft began the death of Asphalt 8 as it basically threw away the P2W and made it P2P. Not in a literal way, but may as well be. Pre-Vivendi, the cars were rather expensive, costing... I believe 364,000 credits to level up a Class A car, and 400,000 something to upgrade a Class S car all the way. My memory is iffy, but then again, I haven't touched this game since 2017, so of course it'd be. The game is grind-centric,and only worsened as time went on. Then, you have the token premium currency, which is required for literally everything, and then the Special Events (R&D, Enduro Double Down, Championship, World Tour). Worst of all, there is a VIP System in the game lifted straight from Asphalt Nitro, but bigger and much worse than ever. It still has the same premise of rewarding players for spending their real money on microtransactions in the game. Adding insult to injury, the February-March 2019 batch of Asphalt Moments events is inaccessible to anyone who is VIP Level 0 (e.g. did not spend real money on the game at all)! The 2015 GTA Spano is the reward car for reaching VIP Level 5, which requires up to US$4,000 (minimum US$3,892.84) in real money to be spent on the game. Needless to say, this GTA Spano is absolutely worthless in every way possible, and shouldn't be attempted to be obtained by anyone. It's a complete waste of time.
After playing countless mobile games throughout the years, Asphalt 8 has to be one of the worst I've ever played. I'd rather play something like Genshin Impact because while that game has its own problems to deal with, I can at least play through the whole game without having to spend so much as a single penny. Hell, even Honkai allows me to do the same exact thing, so why do other mobile games have to be such money-magnets? Genshin and Honkai also have waifus on their side, so that may have something to do with it, as well. I never want to play a game that is as desperate for your money as Asphalt 8 is ever again, whether it be on console or mobile. This is why I only use my phone for Dreamcast and PSP emulation.

That's only the tip of the iceberg for bad qualities about this game. If you want more bad qualities, go after the Crappy Games Wiki on it.
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Elder scrolls- just not a dungeons and dragons linda guy

Fifa - even though PES is not what it used to be back in the day and I don't play that either I just don't understand how people can enjoy fifa and worse yet buy it every year at full price!
-I have no interest in any multiplayer game of any kind, so no Fortnite, Overwatch, Valorant, et. al.
-I have no interest in almost any sport game, except ocassional games of Madden with my brother. Thanks to EA play I don't have to purchase it anymore. I miss the simple sports games of the 16-bit era.
-No Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare and World at War.
-No GTA V. I played some III and IV, and never finished them.
-No RDRD2. I played the first, never finished it.
-No Minecraft.
-No Fighting games (Street Fighter, MK, etc.). I was never good at them.
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"Huge games you don't care about"

Maybe most of those walking sims that Sony makes that people falls head over heels over. I only really cared about the ones that came from Sucker Punch.
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"Huge games you don't care about"

Maybe most of those walking sims that Sony makes that people falls head over heels over. I only really cared about the ones that came from Sucker Punch.
What the heck is a walking sim.
I know it's a broad and derisive term to describe Death Stranding (Which I haven't and probably won't play.) Basically any game that simulates the act of walking could fit the term! :boggled:


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For me Call of Duty and basically any FPS. I don't like the look I like to see my character.
Final Fantasy. Most fighting games just lost interest. Returnal not my cup of tea. Most RPGs again not my cup of tea
Most EA sports games I don't see the point in buying a new version every year for updated rosters