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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by NDSTYLE2002, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. NDSTYLE2002


    I have been trying to sup up a Miata I used all skyline parts and the game keeps freezing and suggestions.......... :mad:
  2. too cold

    too cold

    Hmmm, start small. Try just a few parts at a time. If ya want high hp check the parts in the "best parts" thread. If your messing with colors that can cause locks, also some bodys don't like to be swapped. It's kinda quirky but when ya get the hang of it you'll get less lockups. I hardly ever get them anymore. If ya have to just try engine, turbo. If that works try a couple more things.
  3. MazKid

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    sounds like you changed chassis or something. That's probably the problem. I have 2 Hybrid Miatas:
    Miata LS
    RX-8 Renisis, racing muffler
    RX-7 Infini Tires
    a lot of other parts

    Miata SR/Limited
    911 boxer 6
    Miata LS tires
    RX-7 RZ intercooler
    other parts

    I suggest staying with the Miata as a whole, and just changing Engine parts and stuff.

    Also if you have the newest program, and you got the Miata from Change Car, it's not the whole car. You need to go to the older program and get it and save garage and read garage in the new program. I had the same problems with some cars.