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    Hi, I have never heard of hybrids for GT. Could someone please explain to me what they are, how you get them, and what you do to make them? Thank you very much!
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    I should do a faq to save typing...hang on...


    Part 1 : What is a hybrid?

    In the dictionary, a hybrid is described as a mixture of species, cross-bred or mongrel.

    Basically, that’s what a hybrid is in GT1 and GT2, a car running a mixture of parts from other car manufacturers.

    Due to the coding in both games, every single part has it’s own code, it’s possible to place parts, otherwise unobtainable onto any car.

    For example, you could have a Mazda RX-7 as your base car and fit a Nissan GTR stage 4 turbo, SS tyres off a Viper, the suspension off a Mitsubishi 3000GT, the NA tune off a TVR, the possibilities are endless.

    It’s also possible to alter settings far beyond their norm, i.e., a down force setting of 1.5, ride height of 1 inch, massive weight reductions, etc.

    Part 2 : What equipment is required?

    1 : A games cart of some description. There are numerous on the market, including Game Shark, Action Replay, X-Ploder, X-Plorer, Hacker, Goldfinger, etc. All appear to work satisfactorily.

    2 : Access to a base code and parts list. These can be obtained from numerous sites, as listed below.

    Part 3 : What knowledge is required?

    Basically, anyone with a little experience can build hybrids, building GOOD hybrids is another matter.

    There is only one piece of essential information required before hybrid construction can commence: “What version of GT2 am I using?”

    There are 5 : PAL, Japanese and NTSC versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. ALL use different base codes and PAL also has part code variation.

    Obviously, it will be easy to determine if you’re running PAL or Japanese, but distinguishing between the 3 NTSC versions may be difficult. The easiest way I have found is to use the money code cheat below, whatever one gives you infinite money also determines your version:

    801D0FC8 E0FF
    801D0FCA 05F5 Version 1.0

    801d1338 E0FF
    801d133a 05F5 Version 1.1

    801D1568 E0FF
    801D156A 05F5 Version 1.2

    Part 4 : Where can I get help and codes :

    Any of these sites offers both help and access to codes :

    Gran Turismo Hybrids – Take 2 :

    Gran Turismo.com:


    Gran Turismo Hybrid Cars :


    Roger`s :

    KAB`s :


    Skywalkers Gran Turismo 2 Game Shark and Hybrid :


    Mine :


    Part 5 : Basics of building :

    Note : As the Game Shark Pro is no longer produced, all codes will be in a non pro format. I am using NTSC version 1.0 codes as an example.

    1 : Decide on you base car, say a Mazda M-X5, buy it, tune it to your desire and move it into garage slot 1, note hp, save the game.

    2 : Decide on what modifications you wish to perform to that car, for example, put an engine out of a Mazda RX-7 GT-C '99.

    So, you use the engine base code : 801C CFCC, coupled with the RX-7 engine part code : 000D, to give you a final code of : 801C CFCC 000D.

    Enter this code in your games cart, “start game with cheat”, turn off the cart at the screen listing all the manufactures, then on and off at either home screen on in the garage BEFORE viewing the car. Now, look at the car, hp should have risen, if so, save game and repeat for next part.

    Note: It is possible to enter and use several parts codes at once, the only disadvantage being you cannot keep a close eye on hp rises.

    Part 6 : A parts warning :

    In your travels you will, no doubt read of 10000+ hp hybrids. These are created the same way as above but with “manufactured” parts codes. These are not true parts and can corrupt your car and/or freeze the game. In my opinion, avoid using these codes and stick with “real”parts.

    Part 7 : Tuning your hybrid :

    With all the hybrids, if you enter a race and go into settings and do ANY adjustments, the screen will be corrupt when you start to race. To get around this you must adjust settings, exit race, re-enter and start race and all will be fine.

    There you have it, pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

    Happy building,

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    It's quite a long code but I guess it will do... For now... It's too bad you can't change the appearance of your car...
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    You can tho....
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    you can do almost anything
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