I must say about Kaz and PD...

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... A Thank You... ! For all the negatives said over the years of the various series installments, I think we all are fortunate to live in times such as these which allow us to experience Gran Turismo's great cars and circuits that otherwise most of us would never have had the ability to own, drive, and view even though it is fictional pro say. This holds even more true for the young, as for myself being in my 70's when I was young, the car I owned was a cardboard box with wheels drawn on it with crayons lol. In my life and certainly now at my age being retired I'll never own a real R34 and be able to drive the Nür on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I have enjoyed so much these GT series games keeping me busy, mentally active and sharp as well as having had much fun with my grandson playing all like it was real life. Again, thank you Kaz and PD for a job well done over the many years. Just my two cents... 👍

Posting this here cause GT6 is the most recent of the GT series that I currently play...
Yes, if you look all the titles in series it gave so much to players. I don't like that IMO Kaz didn't stay true to himself. Gran Turismo kind of went to different direction lately than it was originally made. I fully understand supply and demand concept (well obviously its not that hard to get) and that he attracted new players by following trends in racing gaming but it's not like they have no money so they have to do it, they can do what they did before and would have more hardcore GT fans stay with them(well obviously they would lose new players). Thats why I can't wait for GT7. Not to play it but to see if it's going to have GT feel or they'll go in completely opposite direction.
Since I played 5 and 6 for whole year, I'll have to get GTS soon, but if 5 had online or even 6, I wouldn't even look that way. And not because of the money but because of GT not being real GT. But that's just my opinion.