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  1. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    I've put a lot of time into tuning my RSubaru Impreza WRX STi Version VI. Now, IMO, i think i have come to the point where it's at its best.

    I want you guys to test out my RWRX STi Ver.VI and comepare it to yours, if you have one, or reply back on:

    How responsive was the car?
    Is it too responsive?
    Does it react too slow to steering inputs?
    Does the car understeer, oversteer, or handle neutrally?
    How's the turn in, out?


    Your final thought about the vehicle.

    These are my settings on my RWRX STi Ver.VI
    Power mods:
    Stg. 3 Turbo
    Racing IC
    Racing Muffler
    COM Chip
    Engine Bal.
    Port & Polish

    Drivetrain, Suspension & Others
    Cull Customizing Trans.
    Racing Flywheel
    Triple Plate clutch
    Carbon Driveshaft
    Racing Suspension
    Supersoft Tires
    Stage 1, 2, & 3 Weight reduction
    Racing Modification

    Spring rates:
    Front: 16.4lb/in
    Rear: 18.4lb/in

    Ride Height
    Front: 107in.
    Rear: 155in.

    Damper Bound
    Front: 5level
    Rear: 9level

    Damper Rebound
    Front: 8level
    Rear: 10level

    Front: 3.1 degrees
    Rear: 1.3 degrees

    Front: 0.10in
    Rear: -0.15in

    Front: 4level
    Rear: 7level

    Brake Controller
    Brake Controller
    Front: 24level
    Rear: 24level

    NOTE: You must first set the final drive ratio to 3.537. Next you go to auto setup and adjust it to 5. You then adjust each individual gear to the number given. Finally you go back to the final drive ratio and bring it down to 2.500.

    1st. 3.774
    2nd. 2.769
    3rd. 2.116
    4th. 1.697
    5th. 1.286
    Final Drive Ratio. 2.500
    Auto setup: 5

    Front: 47
    Rear: 63

    LSD Initial:
    Front: 4
    Rear: 5

    LSD Accel:
    Front: 34
    Rear: 36

    LSD Deccel:
    Front: 10
    Rear: 10

    Have a fun time! I look forward to reading you replies!
  2. ukuk


    Hi! I also got Subaru WRX. and I have a bad tuning on it. I 'll try your suggestions :) .
  3. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    i look forward to reading your feedback!;)