... if any of you fancy dusting off some old PS3s......

Do you have an old PS3 with some dusty GT5/6 disks sitting around?

My finances froze up before the PS4 came out, so I have never even played GT Sport.

But I just wanted to let you all know that I run a 5 screen rig (full surround with buttkickers), racing GT5 online every night with a lovely, clean racing community.

It cost me marginally more than a PS4 single screen setup.

Anyone interested?

EDIT: Since this has been moved by admins from the GT Sport forum to the GT5 forum... please ignore - it's irrelevant here.

.. unless any of you still dont know how to race online with GT5???
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Sounds great. Need to pull my finger out & get it sorted...
finger pulled yet?
I've just bought and installed a raspberry pi 3B+ to handle the online racing! Works Great!!
So basically, if you have a PS3, GT5, wifi and an ethernet cable, you can join us racing online for about £$40!
I'm there most nights - so much fun!
Always happy to help anyone out with the setup.