If you're having issues with updating Gran Turismo 6, try this


I rebought Gran Turismo 6 after I sold it years ago. I decided to install all updates at once, not one by one as many people advise. It took me nearly 3 hours to install without any errors. I was very impressed considering that so many people have problems with those updates. I have 500 GB Super Slim. Before updating I rebuilt database and restored file system of my PS3, just in case.

I was wondering why is that so many people have problems updating GT6 so they need to do one update at a time and waste the whole day while I installed them all at once and the in-game installation process took me nearly 3 hours. I suppose the issue depends on the condition of a hard drive.

So my advice is, before you attempt to update Gran Turismo 6, rebuild the database and restore the file system on PS3. If this won't help then you should consider buying 7200 RPM hard drive for your PS3