Improvements for GT Sport

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Dude, actual PD devs answering here would be like actual proof of God‘s existence... I don’t think they even loosely monitor these forums here, MAYBE some forums in Japan, who can say for sure...

Dear Majorwolf72,

I can also tell them that the developers will not visit the forums to answer their or my contribution. Our contributions are read. I have certainly received only confirmed forums from Sony referring to the confirmed forums.

Please do not expect them and others here too much. The developers of PD are not only concerned with the successor of GT Sport, but have much more than this game in the background, which is still working to completion.

GT Sport will get some improvements until the new offshoot of the simulation series.

Stay tuned and others!

PS: I'm happy to pass on their mentioned improvements to different developer studios, just keep in mind that not all of their suggestions and the others for u.a. PD for implementation must have a usability.

Friendly gaming greetings,
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I think the issue that I have on my end, is that there's information that cannot be disclosed (unless via a very private channel, like a one-to-one email conversation, and like upon signing an NDA) that would likely narrow down which of my ideas are best, and thus give me a much more-optimized idea of what to further suggest. In some scenarios, I can have a lot of ideas, even on a relatively specific subject, but I am also aware that only a fraction of these ideas - or even just one - will fit best with the vision of both a given developer, and a particular product/feature that's pending finalization and release.

In this case, it would be PD and GT respectively, but I've had ideas for various other IPs, too, including ways to evolve certain features/systems where I see a lot of potential, like the Tetris-like customization of a DS JPRG called Infinite Space. In a racing game, (whether it's GT, or NFS, etc.) I think something like that would be a great way to simplify something like adding parts to an engine bay, (including engine swaps) where you may only have so much space before you may need to get certain body parts, like a hood that allows for some of the engine to have more vertical space (like various BMW M3s), or maybe even become much more conspicuous, like a blower hood one may see on classic muscle cars.
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1) Bring back Shuffle racing.

2) Add an option to turn off the unrealistic understeer vibration effect.

3) Update the game with all the options dropped from user-created online lobbies in GT5 & GT6.
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I'd like to see a clean race indicator light. It'd be nice to know if you blew a clean race so you could stop tiptoeing around, mainly for campaign mode when you're trying to earn money
Some of the issues that people mention here can´t easely be solved by doing lobbies, there are leagues and stuff running outside FIA and daily races and area a lot more fun combo wise.

If PD adds more parameters like tuning suspensions the gap will increase even more and probably only 2 players per race actually will be competitive, you can see that with aliens they manage to dominate tyre ware and fuel consumption so well that most FIA races only have 1/2 players real finishing near each other in the final lap, competing for the podium that is.

The goal it´s to match driving skill´s not mechanical knowladge, not all of us are mechanics or engineers, that´s why real races have full teams behind pilots working to achieve perfection, you can´t do that in a game that intends to be fun, BOP have it´s flaws but it´s a necessary thing to make the game acessible for the masses.

About menus and loadings and features is one thing that i´d love to be improved, next gen GT title probably will be more complete in that department.

Loadings for example will be a lot more faster since the new PS will have SSD suport, and overall i think there will be improvements cause the hardware will be a lot more powerfull.

Gt sport feels like a prologue so next full title for shure will be better in some aspects, don´t forget that this is the first time PD misses to launch a full title with a decent singleplayer campaign and library, my guess is that they are fine tuning the game to deliver something one step above, they had plenty of time since ps3, like i sayed they skiped ps4, GT sport it´s a beta to implement online features and probably to gather players feedback.
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