In need of help with a Clubsport Wheel base V2 and Drive hub for GT Sport.

  • Thread starter Nexxus88
So I should say first off, I have gotten the wheel working with GT sport but... I am not confident in me having it working correctly. The online manual I have found to be quite.. lacklustre in terms of its steps to get it working properly as well. So im always second-guessing myself. (So... do I plug the wheel in with it on? or off and then turn it on? Small stuff like this.)

I also am finding some inconsistencies with what the manual says and what is physically happening when I try to follow those steps (I think cause I'm running a newer firmware then there is a manual for? On the latest firmware I should say.)

So I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to give me a step by step guide as to their process of booting up the system and wheel and getting it all playing nice with ps4.

(Some on wheel settings too would be nice if anyone would be willing to share.