Introducing Black Smoke Drift Team! - Painters/Tuners, Check Too

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So basically, I tried this on Forza Motorsports 7, I've had no luck. Though I won't give up on FM7, I'm going to be focusing on horizon 4.

Okay, enough rambling. _oh, not..

BlackSmoke Drift Team yes... is a startup, I'm recruiting, thats what this is.. but basically I'm not here to have a comp team, i'm here to have a display team, we are like the blue angels of the roads/tracks/airfields(fm7) Choreographed, beauty.

As it says on my site, I just redownloaded fh4, I'm not a fan of the legos, so I insta uninstalled, so I am getting it installed as this post goes out, I want yall to check it out

If you're a painter, or a tuner, you're needed too! Check out the site.
ADMINS, I was permitted via Jordan in dm's for fm7 forums, if there is something you see wrong, lets reason.
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