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  1. Well I searched and found nothing about this, so I figured I'd give the sim fans a heads up. Although still in progress, it looks to be the most hardcore racing sim yet....we'll see, check this out for sure!
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    yeah, pretty much every sim fan has already heard about this sim for quite some time.. there's lots of stuff on it over at rscnet. i dont like the idea of paying so much money to play online. there is closed beta testing and all the testers are very tightlipped

    i'm looking forward to driver's republic more
  3. Ok, didn't find anything on the forum or post search. How much is it supposed to cost for online play though?
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  5. Is there any oficial info about this? :tdown:

    Until then, it's better not to start spreading "unverified" (at least, up to now) infos and rumours, please...

    (And yes, nobody except iRacing knows a lot about the service that First-Racing will provide... Better wait until it arrives, hopefully, in 2007)
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    you will have to pay a fee, sorta like with star wars galaxies or any other mmo.
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    I looked at iracing and there is comparison vid with the real thing, just like with EPR. I don't believe makers of sims (anymore) if they have to rely on a comparison vid to advertise their product.

    I'm not impressed.
  8. I know (more, I suspect!) that will be pay-to-play, the question is, how much (your other post seemed to state that it won't be cheap <so much money to play> ).

    Xbox Live also has a fee for the service (heck, I even pay monthly 25€ to have broadband alone!).

    You also have to keep in mind that iRacing will be more than a game to the casual fans (those ones who play 10 hours of a game and then pass into another one, or the ones that play GT or Forza :idea: ). In fact, it will be more like a training tool to die-hard simracers (well, the insticts I learnt from online simracing have saved me more than once :) ) and real-pro drivers (you'll find at RSC guys who happen to simrace and practice at trackdays).
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    unless the physics and graphics are absolutely amazing + it has a bunch of my favorite cars and tracks, i probably wont buy it. for me, 1 dollar a month is expensive :p

    i wonder if there will be a demo. there are other games i am looking forward to that havent been released yet, like driver's republic :D
  10. I cannot talk about graphics (easy to "bump them" and then request as necessary to have a quad-core with two 8800gtx woking in SLI :sly: ), but in terms of physics, we're talking of Dave Kaemmer, the mastermind who gave us:

    Indy 500
    IndyCar Racing
    Nascar Racing
    Grand Prix Legends

    We can bet than iRacing physics will be second to none (just don't expect the "normal" cars you'll find in GT, because I mostly sire there will be none).
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    you are one of the guys in the closed beta arent you? :p can you even tell me if you are?
  12. I'd love to :sly: :sly: :sly:

    But no, I'm no beta-tester (though I'm involved in simracing). As I've said, we don't know a lot about iRacing, that's why AFAIK we should not be stating as FACTS what are merely RUMOURS (even though they can be proven as right).


    PS: Dave Kaemmer rules :tup: :tup:
  13. It looks tight, can't wait. But that stupid fee!
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  15. i really hate games where i have to pay per month and pay for the extra contents, thats why i never touched WOW, i dont care how great it is, if i have to pay per month forget about it.
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    arghhh, must not, drive around in, circles......ughh, must resist, pay to play....nkpro needs to, get patched, and more content.....quickly.
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    maybe i didnt find that funny because i just got up... i dont know. iracing actually has road courses.
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    I'll stick to LFS thanks. :)
  19. So if i'm getting this right, this 'subscription" is for ALL content or just online racing activities and new content? After your trial or subscription length is over , no more iracing on your comp at all?!!! :scared:
  20. Where have I heard those words before?

    O YEAH!!!!
  21. McLaren

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    They're charging WoW prices just to race? Sorry, LFS & GTR2 will do me just fine, thank you.
  22. Thankyou for your relevent and informative post!:idea:
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    They are marketing it as "Virtual Motorsport" with complete rule books, licenses and as a sanctioned event. In addition to a subscription fee, some cars and circuit are extra. All cars and circuits are laser scanned for a carbon copy accuracy of the real thing. They promised they will have the most realistic physics but we will have to see about that.
  24. how many times have we heard that before especially from codemasters
  25. Ohhh, come on, you're not comparing Coddies, with the godfather of realistic physics in PCs (remember GPL, 10 years ago and still widely popular))
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    Autosimsport has good preview of iracing in their Spring issue.
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  29. This needs to bomb so no one will ever try pay to race again
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