iRacing VR oculus cv1 vs GTS PSVR


I wish to know how far is PSVR GTS compared to iRacing VR ( cv1 ). If anybody tried both, can you describe the whole experience. I have ps4 pro and gts, just itching to get PSVR.

My concern will be fps and tracking quality.

On PCVR, I only play iRacing CV1 on my i7 8700/1080gtx , a very detailed and smooth 90fps experience ( no headache or tracking issue )

Or should I wait PS5 vr ?

Thank you very much.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I have PSVR and briefly tried some PCVR at a work open day.

I wasn’t that impressed with the PCVR even after the operators saying how great it was.

Graphics experience seemed very similar, as said the content on GTSport VR is very limited. Only time trial really and no racing.