iRacing vs Assetto Corsa *Next up: Porsche GT3 Cup*PC 

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I think that generally most people who use both find that iRacing is quicker. I just find that I'm more consistent and able to push that little bit harder in iRacing.
Ahhh! Well, that will certainly help a sim racer... :D That's one of my biggest problems. Consistency. :grumpy: I'm consistently inconsistent. :lol: No, seriously...that is one of my biggest weaknesses. Now, if I can't even stay consistent on the track hot lapping by myself, ya know how much that's going to hurt me during races? A lot... :grumpy: :( Speaking of racing. I need to start racing more...both online and offline against the AI.

Oh, I almost forgot...I found it very interesting when you mentioned the curbs can greatly upset the Cup Car in AC whereas iRacing is a big more forgiving. I think something needs to be done about that in AC...and the simplest fix, in my mind, is to make the curbs not quite as high (those big sausage curbs! my God!), or they need to make the diameter bigger so it's a smoother curb. I'm not advocating huge changes...Just a little bit. As you noted, those things can send your car out of control very easily when you hit one of those things. I don't know jack about real racing, but I can't believe that curbs that size impact a car as much as they do in AC. And I don't think they need to do anything with the physics, of course. Maybe I'm wrong -- but I'm glad you brought attention to the issue in your review/comparison. Thanks again...I appreciate the fact that you do these, Punknoodle. 👍 :cheers: