IRC GT Championship - Open - Saturday's 6 p.m. GMT - OPEN!

Italy, Naples

Welcome everyone to to Season 1 of the IRC GT Championship! To introduce ourselves we will host a multiclass championship! Have a look if you're interested!

This season will have two different classes: the Pro Class (Gr.2) with the fastest drivers who want a difficult challenge, and the Gentleman class (Gr.3) with fast drivers that don't want to push every lap.

Pro Class (Gr.2)
2/2 = FULL (not available)

Gentleman Class (Gr.3)

Aston Martin V12 Vantage - 0/2

Audi R8 LMS - 0/2

BMW M6 Walkenhorst - 0/2

Ferrari 458 Italia - 0/2

Honda NSX Gr.3 - 0/2

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - 0/2

Lexus RCF Emil Frey - 0/2

McLaren 650S - 0/2

Mercedes-Benz AMG - 0/2

Nissan GTR Schulze - 2/2

2/2 = FULL (not available)

1. Any livery with anything racist, homophobic, sexist & pornographic are prohibited. If this rule is broken drivers will receive an automatic series ban.
2. Teams must use the same livery. Only numbers, flags and little changes are permitted. Teams can be of 2 drivers maximum.
3. The following mandatory decals must be put on the car, or it will result in a Drive Through Penalty:

GTPlanet Number Plate - To be placed on Left and Right door and on the hood:

Numbers - To be placed in the GTPlanet Number Plate:

4. Drivers are allowed to run a one off livery for a race of their once throughout the season. An exeption may be made in the case of a tribute.
IRC GT Points System

1st: 20pts
2nd: 18pts
3rd: 16pts
4th: 14pts
5th: 12pts
6th: 10pts
7th: 08pts
8th: 06pts
9th: 05pts
10th: 04pts
11th: 03pt
12th: 02pt
13th: 01pt
14th: 00pt
GTS penalties are off, however the series moderators can give penalties to anyone who doesn't respect the rules. I won't talk too much about this. The moderators can give 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 seconds penalties, it's their choice. But not in these 2 cases:

Drive Through Penalty: It must be given if the driver has a really serious collision with another driver, in case of a jump start, braking on straights, chatting during the race (if it isn't one of the moderators). The driver must serve it going in the pits without changing tyres, refueling or reparing damage, or it will result in a Disqualification.

Black and White Flag: This penalty is just a warning, but 2 BW Flags will result in a 10 seconds penalty or a Disqualification. This flag must be given if the driver insults another driver, if there is an accident which doesn't deserve a penalty, or if a driver goes more than 3 times with 4 wheels on curb/off track.

R1 - 7th December - Sardegna Roadtrack B II

R2 - 14th December - Spa-Francorchamps

R3 - 21th December - Catalunya

R4 - 28th December - Red Bull Ring (Wet)

R5 - 4th January - Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A II

R6 - 11th January - Monza

R7 - 18th January - Interlagos

R8 - 25th January - Laguna Seca (if released)
All times are in GMT
6:00 PM - Lobby opens and Qualifying begins
6:10 PM - Qualifying ends, and Race starts.

7:00 PM - Race ends. Penalties given, Race result confirmed and points given shortly after the race.
You should reply telling the following information:
- Car (make sure it’s available)
- Category
- Your Number[
- Team Name
- Teammate's GTP (if he has one)
- Teammate's PSN
- Teammate's number
This is going to be interesting! Also, we're searching for a commentator, so the races can be broadcasted!
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