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For the future, only real world tracks or open it up to fictional tracks?

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And why can't he tell me himself?

Because as team manager I do all the paper work for my drivers and.......

It appears Luis was not asked before Damon threw his name in the ring. :lol:

.....Actually, me and him talked about him doing season a few weeks ago, thus when I made my post inquiring about season 2 a while back.

You should worry more about running your end of IRS than how I operate my team bucko. 👍


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Paperwork? Someone takes this a bit seriously :lol:

Maybe we should start giving out Amazon gift cards as prize money since you guys are so invested. If 15 people chip in $5 we can give each podium winner a $25 gift card. I know another series on PCars2 does this but I'm not sure of the monetary values they use.
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i made a livery for the BMW M6 but the car understeers like hell , attempted to put a stability tune on it but i want a universal gt3 car that i use for this series and for sport mode