IRS GT4 Championship Series - Season 2 - Timlour is our Pro Class Champion!

Which damage setting do you prefer for this series?

  • Heavy Damage

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • Light Damage

    Votes: 4 22.2%

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United States
Should be able to attend. I assume we are no longer bound by our car selection and have free reigns on which car we drive.
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United States
Do you have any idea on a start time or are you still just feeling the room out?
Start time would be the similar to the regular season.

8:30 pm I open the lobby for practice. 9:00 pm we start races.

The plan is to have a few 10 lap races with the same lobby set up as the GT4 Championship.

No qualifying - Rolling starts - fastest first.
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Indianapolis, IN
There are some plans in the back pocket for a proper IMSA two class series so it's good to know there's an interest in races longer than 90 minutes as a more common event. Since a four class split would thin the fields too much we'll go with just two so most likely "DPi" and GTD/GT3 cars. The only odd car out will be the Porsche since the in-game car is the GTE car but it fits in just fine.
I realize this may be an old post but I am searching/waiting to see a league focused on IMSA style racing. Did you get this off the ground?

I think a 3 or 4 hour mixed class of DPi and Gt3 (or GT 2) cars would be a blast. Especially when tuning is allowed, yet bop is fixed.


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Long Island, New York
Not yet, we have some other things coming up before we can get to that idea. Sorry to upset you
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United States
I will try to keep an eye out but since I have not been able to race since season 1 I'm not really involved in the IRS threads and no longer get notices could you let me know when and if there is sign up for season 4?
Yes. I will tag you when the thread goes up. For sure.