Is TT too easy?

I find TT quite easy - even though i try to make it challening by using a bike much less than the limits of the class im racing in. The only real challenge is beating my own laptimes, and going for the golds on the lisences.

Is my opinion shared by you guys?



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I find TT quite easy - even though i try to make it challening by using a bike much less than the limits of the class im racing in. The only real challenge is beating my own laptimes, and going for the golds on the lisences.

Is my opinion shared by you guys?


I would have to say that as far as the races go, then overall yes.

The majority of the 'bike' tests are quite straightforward and easy (a couple are not).

I spent the majority of my early days with the licence tests and getting all gold on them (which is a challenge).

For me TT is very close to GT in that regard, the real fun is not so much in the racing, but in hotlaping.


Same here - its cool to be pushing for those few extra tenths (or even thousandths) of a second, just to say "i've gone this fast". Takes good skill to put a fast lap together on TT

Still, its a racing game - i fel it should have beter computer competition

I found most of the races are fun enough if you DO NOT qualify. The developers gave just enough starting spread for some of the races to be interesting. I wouldn't say white-knuckle, but you won't doze off like in GT4.

There is one thing TT did wake me up to. I decided to turn off engine upgrades, turbos, and nitrous on my cars in GT4. Just like TT. Evens out the field a bit and makes it more fun.

Or does the AI get 1000hp if I have Stage 4 turbos installed?


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I havn't found a challenge in TT that has require more than a few attempts so far. Maybe the TZ challenge was made easier for the NTSC version because it took maybe 2 tries to beat it. Probably the most disappointing is the difficulty of the gold standard on the licenses. I guess the only solution is to compete against other drivers.
Yes, it's too easy.
I'm not much of a hotlapper, i like good online racing or good AI.
This game has niether so although it was lots of fun while i was soon as I was done...I'm waiting for part 2 now or GT5/w/bikes I guess.

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Yes and no. The level of challenge can vary. I've struggled with some of the events including that damned Yamaha TZ250 deal. As much as I am not a good racer around Tsukuba, I must say that this is only easy because it's the first foray for this franchise. Remember Gran Turismo 1? GT1 was easy in places simply because it was the first game and that it was only because the game didn't have level of hardcore handling and stuff like in GT4. I can probably grant you that Tourist Trophy 2 is going to be tougher with maybe more bikes on track of a different number of tracks from a varying degree of companies. We may see as many motorcycle disciplines as possible- motocross and supermoto (asphalt + off-road), sidecar racing, "real" road racing like with the Irish Road Racing Series, etc. I must note that this is the first GT-style game by PD in which I've cleared an entire number of licenses with All-Silver rankings. You think I'm still jacked? You bet I am! It's actually tougher to wrestle around a bike than a car. I think many of the tests you took were nicely created to test your riding abilities in much the same way that the car tests were suited to four-wheel prowess. My motorcycle fear is that I misjudge a turn and end up paying for it more on a motorcycle than I would in a car. As much as I liked racing in Tourist Trophy, I sometimes don't really feel confident enough to actually take calculated risks with motorcycles that I would probably have success with in cars. Or let me put it to you this way. How many of you played "Midnight Club 2?" Remember that motorcycle you got in the Los Anglees races (granted you got this far)? An advantage was that you could easily draft successfully and use your draft boost to move past. The disadvantage was that you pay for crashes more since you don't have fenders and a chassis to save you. It's also much easier to lose control of a bike than with a car. But I certainly praise the men and women who ride these motorcycles and race these motorcycles to championships, wins, and pride.

So you could say that Tourist Trophy isn't too easy, yet it isn't challenging and demanding. I'd say it's just right for a number of gamers of a variety of skill levels. People who enjoy horribly demanding action which means you have to damn near be a perfectionst will likely say this game is too easy. I say that it isn't too easy. Did you get all of that?

Pleasure doing business with you.
It's fairly simple to win in this game, all you need is a equally powered bike, qualify for the races (its a breeze to get the fastest lap time), start the race in 1st position and I've won 99% of the time this way. :D
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with the benefit of hindsight that pd didn't have the luxury of, imo they should've allowed any bike to enter the various series in the game

that way, we could've pitted road bikes against race bikes. that'd spice it up a bit :cool:

the not so speedy among us could still have used race bikes v race bikes, so most ability levels would've been catered for


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i find the racing to easy. You can accelerate much better out of a corner than the AI does.
I don't qualify for races and i end up 15 seconds in front with making mistakes every lap.

And for the TZ250 challenge, i beat that on the second try and i didn't even need the full 2 laps.
I find the game real easy but I like riding the bikes more than racing anyway so it doesn't matter to me.

That's it! You can finish the game sleeping while playing also in Pro Mode, AI is really basic and winning races it's a pure question of taking care of tyres.

But riding for hot lap or just riding 70's and 80's legendary bikes it's great. Try The Ring with 162 Honda.....👍
Wow. You guys must be amazing riders, because a lot of the races were very difficult for me. Well, golding licenses was easy (except for the graduation tests), and the road challenges and road bike races were a piece of cake, but most of the RM races themselves at least felt hard, like I had to really push it every time. Partly this was due to the spread, and also because it seemed like I could never 'get away' from the AI like I could in Gran Turismo. Every split I would nervously watch the time difference, hoping I could finish the race before my 2 second lead dwindled away. One crash and it was all over. The TZ125 and Suzuka Enduro Bike races were especially difficult.

Not to mention how difficult I found it to not wipe out... although, I play with the normal controller mode and no penalties, and I think it tends to make me go head over handlebars because of the lean ability (My hands are too big for the controller, so my thumb tends to push up when I turn).

Granted, i was able to win most of the races, but it never felt 'easy.'