JGTC @ Gran Turismo World Championship Ver. 1.0

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    JGTC vs Group "C" Ver. 1.0
    Professional Hall Gran Turismo World Championship

    After running this series so early in the "Game" that I hadn't even found the "Driving Aids" box & ran the whole thing w/MAX ASM & TCS...I thought I'd go back & run it again. Since I'd won eight out of ten with the Minolta TOYOTA (NO HP Upgrades & Nearly NO Tuning!) I knew ANY of the LMP cars would kill the competition. So I opted for a JGTC Ride & since I don't really like to spend Credits unnecessarily I used the NISSAN MOTUL PITWORK Z (JGTC) '04 won at the Japanese GT Championship. PD usually makes the SUPRAs the class of the JGTC Racers but I haven't purchased one yet so I really don't know. Only additions were R2 & R4 Tyres (Didn't use the R-4s), BIG Turbo, Roll Bar & an Oil Change. HP=973 which gave a P/W ratio of 1.110. The best I can tell w/out the aid of MKs excellent program, the competiton was around .881 to .944.

    Given that I drive better then the "AI" (Hopefully, at least) & that the JGTC Ride has LOTS less Downforce I hoped for 10 close races. I Pre-Ran each track to set the "Auto" only...NO "Tranny Trick" (which is normally good for quite a bit of time) & I kept chassis tuning to a bare minimum. Just kinda "Slammed" it, firmed up the "Stabs" & Maxxed out what Downforce there is. Decided to qualify for each race even though starting from 6th I was able to win two "Test" Races (Hong Kong & Grand Valley). They're two of my favorite tracks however so I wasn't real surprised. Also decided to make a Pit Stop at each Venue, running "HARD" Tyres & NOT Pitting would make it even easier to win the series IMO. As it turned out NO Pit Stop was the "Norm" at the final race so I didn't stop either.

    These figures: [xxx] are from my first time thru with the Minolta TOYOTA. Finish = Place / Race Time - Fast Lap. MOV = Margin of Victory (Where applicable!)

    Race #1 Tokyo Rte 246 (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'24.262
    Finish 1st / 14'26.746 - 1'21.357 (Lap #9) [1'22.583 / 1st]
    MOV 11+ Seconds :tup:

    Nothing special, just noticed that unlike GT3 I'm occasionally having a little trouble getting "Loose" thru the Chicane just before T-2! :scared:

    Race #2 Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway (83 Points)
    Qualified 4th / 30.991
    Finish 4th / 10'54.931 - 30.357 (Lap #20) [0'28.349 / 1st]
    MO "Loss" +1 Lap :tdown:

    Knew from the "Git-Go" there was NO Podium finish likely in this round. Also found out why its worth so many A-Spec Points w/this Ride! :scared: The lack of downforce disadvantage was just too much to overcome as I could stick with 'em down the straights but they Toasted me in the corners, especially the tighter one. But there was one VERY Strange occurance! :irked: First or Second Lap after I pitted (Lap #11) saw one of the Nissans "Sideways" in the front straight & managed to avoid him. Next lap he was near the same spot & this time I "T-Boned" him atempting to slip by on the inside. (Bad move, should have gone to the outside! :dunce: ) Stopped me dead but "Dislodged" him from what ever his problem was. Most Likely would have finished 3rd If I'd have avoided contact! :irked: I'll have to check the replay to see what transpired. :confused:

    Race #3 Hong Kong (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'10.xxx
    Finish 1st / 21'49.247 - 1'09.484 (Lap #13) [1'13.445 / 4th]
    MOV 19+ Seconds :tup:

    Not surprised I managed to win this one as it's one of the two races I "Pre-Tested" before attempting the series. Same strategy I used with the Minolta TOYOTA when I re-ran it worked well again.

    Race #4 Seoul Central (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 0'51.414
    Finish 1st / 16'14.520 - 0'48.785 (Lap #18) [0'47.144 / 1st]
    MOV 19+ Seconds :tup:

    Nothing special...blah, blah, blah..."AI" doesn't seem to like this one!

    Race #5 El Capitan (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'32.663
    Finish 1st / 17'03.366 - 1'28.055 (Lap #11) [1'26.463 / 1st]
    MOV 25+ Seconds :tup:

    Got a bad start & dropped to third immediately then smacked the Minolta Toyota from the rear when he suddenly slowed for the first left. Managed to regain first before the tunnel but then Looped it at the Camp Curry Curve & dropped back to 4th :irked: Passed two of 'em to regain second by the end of the first Lap. Pitted at the end of Lap #6 with a 5 second lead. Came out (As usual) in forth., 20 seconds back. Slipped back into the lead at the end of Lap #8 as all three pitted together.

    Race #6 New York (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'24.021
    Finish 1st / 21'05.684 - 1'21.887 (Lap #16) [1'18.686 / 1st]
    MOV 31+ Seconds :tup:

    Fairly uneventful. Must note that the "AI" doesn't do well here either. Hugh "MOV" reflects this.

    Race #7 Opera Paris [Reverse] (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'16.256
    Finish 1st / 23'10.611 - 1'14.456 (Lap #6) [1'11.054 / 1st]
    MOV 5+ Seconds :tup:

    :dunce: I ran this the wrong direction yesterday establishing the "Auto Set" but it worked OK. Seems a LOT Bumpier in this direction however! :scared: Uneventful until Lap #3 when I was gazing at the scenery & missed my braking point! :dunce: Lost most of the 5 second lead I already had! :irked: Rear tyres were nearly "Toasted" when I came in on Lap #9. So for the remainder of the race I "Short Shifted" & tried to go thru each corner 1 Gear "Higher" than normal in an attempt to minimize wheel spin. Seemed to work as they only started to Fade again 3/4 of the way thru Lap #18. Due to my "Brain Fahrt" & not adding a touch of TCS this proved to be the closest finish of the eight that I "Won".

    Race #8 Suzuka (57 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'49.402
    Finish 1st / 16'32.720 - 1'44.781 (Lap #8) [1'43.729 / 1st]
    MOV 12+ Seconds :tup:

    Another poor "Standing Start" & 3rd or 4th into Turn #1 :irked: but back in first thru the "Esses" on Lap #1, the "AI" don't seem to like this sector! Only "Mystery" is why this race awarded 3 more points than most of the others?

    Race #9 Grand Valley [Reverse] (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 1'39.381
    Finish 1st / 18'31.897 - 1'36.404 (Lap #5) [1'32.077 / 1st]
    MOV 18+ Seconds :tup:

    A carbon Copy of Suzuka's start put me in 4th into Turn #1 again :irked: but back in first by the final turn. Then outta nowhere the NISSAN R92CP blows back by me before the first tunnel :confused: then he bobbles a bit entering the 2nd tunnel & I get by on the inside.I thought "Wow, this is finally gonna be a Race!" but he almost instantly drops back 4 seconds. :grumpy: I'll have to check the replay to see what happened. Into the pits at the end of Lap 6 & back out in 4th as usual. Hoped I'd find a "Race" but the leaders pitted in on Laps 7 & 8 and I never saw them again! :grumpy:

    Race #10 Circuit de le Sarthe I (54 Points)
    Qualified 1st / 3'25.062
    Finish 2nd / 13'54.858 - 3'23.xxx (Lap #2) [3'28.976 / 4th]
    MO "Loss" + 2.247 Seconds :tdown:

    With the Rolling Start all went well & I was slowly pulling away from the field. I was slightly quicker thru the turns & they made some of it up on the straights.Then on Lap #3 just at the start of the Mulsanne I caught a little grass & looped it out. All three "Fast Guys" got by & I set about catching them. I was right with #2 & #3 at the end of the Straight & tried a daring "Inside Pass" that backfired. The NISSAN R89C stuck his nose in my left door & slowed us both down while the leaders escaped! :irked: I quickly got around him but the damage had been done & to add more I looped it "Unassisted" at "Indianapolis Corner!" :dunce: Slowly reeled the leaders in as the R89C ducked into the Pits. Well into the final Lap & was fast catching the Minolta TOYOTA when much to my amazement he slid off into the dirt. Now second is mine & I can just see the NISSAN R92CP as he's nearing the Pit Entrance. I'm hoping he'll do something stupid & pit in but he doesn't! Instead he blows the final Chicane before the Finish Line & I manage to close the Gap to less than 3 seconds...but too late! :grumpy: Without the two loops it would have been an easy victory. [Not sure but 1st time thru w/Minolta TOYOTA I think I "Assumed" everyone would Pit...so I did & got "Burned!"]

    NISSAN MOTUL PITWORK Z (JGTC) '04 // 89 Points
    NISSAN R92CP Race Car '92 // 52 Points
    TOYOTA 88C-V Race Car (MINOLTA) '89 // 49 Points
    NISSAN R89C Race Car '89 // 37 Points
    MERCEDES-BENZ AMG CLK-GTR Race Car '98 // 23 Points
    GILLET Vertigo Race Car // 10 Points

    "Prize" Car: FORD GT LM Edition Spec-II '04 immediately sold for 212,499 Credits AND a notice came onscreen that I could watch the "Ending Movie!" (I'm only 90%+ thru the game!!!) But it's pretty Kool, so I did! :tup:

    Final Mileage (+2 Laps @ Most venues for warm up & qualifying) 411 Miles.
    Man took me longer to write this up than it did to run all ten Races!!! THANX for wading thru it & hope it will help someone out. Let me know if you spot a mistake, I'm VERY adept at using the EDIT Function! :lol: Next time I'll most likely try one of the DTM Rides.
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  2. Zardoz


    Pretty amazing. I'm surprised that series could be won by a JGTC. I'll have to try it some day.

    Anybody else out there done something like this?
  3. slipknot10wa123


    Sounds like you need to do the F1 champs with a group C

    I think they are Group Cs not LMPs
  4. phattboy


    :tup: I knew it :tup: Very nicely done! :tup:

    Now that is how you play the game! :)


    And he ain't cutting no slack :tup:

  5. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer

    United States
    Oh yeh..DEFINITELY on the "To Do" list! :tup: ...O.G. :D

    THANX "ARC" PARTNER!!! :tup: I'm in the middle of another "Underdog" series as I'm typing this..."Stay Tuned!" :lol: ...O.G. :D
  6. Pink_the_Floyd

    Pink_the_Floyd (Banned)

    Hatts off for you Old Geezer, amazing write-up :tup:

    I tried it before with a stock JGTC car but that wasn't a good idea :D finishing last on almost every race :grumpy:

    Anyway, how does the Sauber-Mercedes C9 stack up in the GT World Championship.Is it a harder opponent then the Minolta or R92CP?

    Last time I did GT World Championship with a stock GT-one I ended up with 96 points (looped it out at La Sarthe to :tdown: )and my "hardest opponent " was the Minolta (although there is no competition in this event).

  7. phattboy


    Waiting and biting my nails for ya! Your write-ups are great! It's like "Here ya go boys... I gotta little sumthin' sumthin' for ya"

    I'm like cruising along thinking I'm really getting something done by stuffing the Barge through this series and then you go and do this. :lol:

  8. phattboy


    Not sure what you are asking:

    If you mean if you are racing against it... It's a horse a piece really.

    If you are racing it against them with it... easy win.

  9. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer

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    THANX "PINK" :tup:
    I've NOT faced the Sauber in doing this series twice & running several of the races independently. I really don't think it would make a difference however as in GT3 there seems to be a set "Formula" for "AI" in GT4 as well. That is to say, One "Rabbit" (Occasionally Two), Two "Medium" & two "Slow" cars per race. Why PD has picked the VERTIGO to be the "Donkey" is beyond me. :confused: The Sim version also has VERY Limited Downforce in this game & is not nearly as much fun to drive as it was in GT3. If I were Tony Gillet I'd tell PD to make it RIGHT or leave it out of GT5...O.G. :D
  10. Integrafan


    Whoa!!!! Now this is a write up!!
    Awesome dedication to detail. Thanks for taking the time to put all this together, it must have took ya a long time. My short little write-up took me 3 hours to prepare.

    Great Job!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  11. Sjenk


    Hmm, I haven't done this race yet, but I tested some cars I could use in single races. I've tested the CLK-GTR first (100% stock, oil change and hard tires) and I lost Hong Kong with a gap of 3 seconds or something (1st: Sauber) (made 1 huge mistake at the tight hairpin and because I started 6th, I had lots of trouble to get rid of the other cars). I know I can win that without the mistake. I had to pit once, like all other cars (except the Minolta :rolleyes: ). I also tried Super Speedway, but that one went completely wrong. I tried to stay out the whole race on hard front, medium rear (yeah, I though the front tires would wear out sooner...ehehehe) and I lost that race with 1 or 2 laps because my car wasn't able to drive normal after 20 laps ...rear tires were completely red.

    After that I went in the Toyota 7 and with hard front, super hard rear it was able to WIN that race with a gap of 6 sec (2nd sauber). I also did Hong Kong twice and I won both times. First time with medium-hard, second time soft-medium (you know you have to stop once and I saw I could do that with soft on the front, Toyota 7's tires wear out quite slow, very nice car).

    The essence of this post is that if I'm correctly, it is possible to win with the CLK-GTR unmodded(!), where some people said it's just not possible. I have to test the CLK on Super Speedway with hard front, super hard rear to see if I'm right about that course.

    Nice writeup Old Geezer, you motivated me to make a write up as well :) (or maybe not, I'm lazy, we'll see :p )
  12. azr|el.RB26


    I have to admit I joined this forum specifically after having trouble with the CLK GTR during the GTWC and finding this thread. It inspired me to try out my Motul Pitwork Z at the task and after extensive fine-tuning of the suspension and LSD(I'm not quite the hardcore geezer yet), I took 1st.

    I usually don't post online but I felt the need to say thanks for the inspiration, never again shall I deem a car unworthy.

  13. Dave A

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    United Kingdom
    Okay, try with the Fiat 500R then ;).

    BTW, well done Old Geezer, not something I've tried yet but I think I will now.
  14. M3 GTR Race Car

    M3 GTR Race Car

    Your advantage with racing with the JGTC cars is not only the lower center of gravity and the better grip but you also last longer, the big monsters in the race (R92Cp, R89C, MINOLTA, and Sauber C9) they will have to pit in on lap 9 but your hardest competetor if not them will be the Mazda 787B because that car can last just as long if not longer than you, so choose your tires carefully and set your car just right. I do believe you'll be in deep going into the oval track because those cars some how get much better grip in the hardest turn, I don't know how but they do. Your best LMP car choice would be the BMW V12 LMR, Pescarolo C60 judd, or the Playstation Pescarolo. Word of advice which everyone probably knows, Hard tires on the front and Super Hard tires in the back, the front tires have less endurance but they are sort of sacrificial in a way to prevent the wear going mostly to the back since they are rear wheel driven.
  15. emkmd


    I really enjoy reading your posts. I am working on the GT World Championship with the Nissan Motul Pitwork Z. I lost Tokyo by 4 sec, AI put me in the wall on Lap 6. I came in 4th in race two. I won HK by less than a sec. I went with meds up front and hards in the rear and pitted on lap 9. I did adjust the auto ratios down and had lots of wheel spin into 3rd gear. This was an 84 pt race for me, same competition as your write up. It was 54pt for the first 2 races. Did you adjust the tranny and which tires did you use for each race? I think if I qualify each time I should be able to pull this off. MY fastest lap time was 0.5 slower for HK and Tokyo and I was actually faster in race two. I am using the DFP. Any additional advice for this other old geezer is appreciated.
  16. Dead_Poetic


    nice report man, very fun to read...
  17. thedoc79



    what is the best car for Hong Kong, I tried the Toyota GT1 and still crashing into walls.

    Any help?
  18. AMG.

    AMG. Staff Emeritus

    O.G. hasn't been around for quite a while and we're not expecting him back (shame though, I miss him)

    Try this post and see if it can help you out or try searching for GTWC (in titles only)


    Hope this helps.

  19. Rat Bastid

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    Nice job, Geezer! FYI; You'll get better grip at the ovals & High Speed Ring if you set the camber to 0.0 front & back. Don't forget to note the settings & to re-set for the next race!
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    This thread has more lives than a cat
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    What's with all the revives? :D

    The last time the first post was edited was in 2005!
  22. heavyhalf79


    i got 1st on the second race with the nissan pitwork. Just have the right settings then you can do corners at 320 km/h
  23. cheeseman0777


    k, im going to be honest. that is the **** right there. thats what i call balls. very well done. im just to lazy to actually race all of them. i get droopy eyes around the 3rd race. lol
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    cheeseman0777, if I were you, I'd try to type correctly, without using unnecessary abbreviations like "k" and so on.. There's a reason why words like f.. are censored, you aren't allowed to use them anywhere here in the forums and also you could have used this smiley ":censored:" in order to censore it yourself.. Also, you always have to use a capital letter when beginning a sentence and you should always write "I" (first person singular, meaning yourself) in capital.. This all is only advice and help, no offense..
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  25. flyingkiwi


    I've come close to winning the series with an AMG Mercedes race car.

    I'm now doing it with a Zonda race car, but things aren't going so well...
  26. Lucas


    And please, if you are not going to contribute with the thread in any matter whatsoever, don't even bother reviving it, please. It's a 2 year old thread, I doubt reviving it with swearing will do much to it.
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    Nice bump! Could you look at the date of the post above you please?
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    You are hardcore! :tup: :cheers: :bowdown:

    All bow down to the driving skills of Old Geezer!
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    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!