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How do you like the steering (gamepad) of GT Sport? (2 Choices, 1 Bonus Question)

  • I’ve played older GT Titles and i do not like the steering of GT Sport

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  • I’ve played older GT Titles and i do like the steering of GT Sport

    Votes: 14 87.5%
  • I haven’t played older GT Titles and i do not like the steering of GT Sport

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  • I haven’t played older GT Titles and i do like the steering of GT Sport

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  • Wreckfest has superior steering and feeling of the cars than GT Sport

    Votes: 2 12.5%

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xbox lol haha
Hello all together,

i wasn’t active in this forum for many years now but i will be following the news here up until the release of GT7.

I would like to discuss a important topic with you guys (steering), my aim is to get your feedback and hopefully spread it so wide that PD takes care of it.

Off-Topic: Before i start, i would like to briefly talk about my motorsports experience, not to show off (!!) but unfortunately there are many casual gamers on the internet who disregard a valid point because they think they know better.
Iam racing for roughly 20years now and i also worked on a racing track for 6 years. I also did Sim-racing for many years, started with a gamepad, then switched to a plastic wheel for 80bucks... all the way up to a custom made DD-Wheel... Over 4000iRating in 1 month.. Got a offer to drive a LMP2 car.. Iam still racing with a gamepad in AC or other Sims without any Aids, only Clutch and iam in the top of the leaderboards generally. I think i have enough experience to point out one or two things.

i always loved Gran Turismo and it always was something different for me, especially in the PS1 and 3 era. I remember back when GT 5 was about to release, i wasted hours here to look for new information..

With the release of GT Sport i had a big issue with the game, the steering!
I will try to explain, when steering a car in GT Sport (with gamepad especially), it feels like 2/3 different things are going on. The steering wheel itself does something different than what the tyres are doing, and also the tyres dont really match up that well with the gamepad (it‘s not that precise). This wasn‘t the case for, atleast not that much, for older GT Titles.
It‘s so bad and obvious, you can even see it with your naked eye, you don‘t even need to play the game, just look at the first GT 7 Trailer for example.

There is absolutely no connection between the player and the car, ALTHOUGH Gran Turismo was always known for that, especially for its brilliant steering with gamepad. We alwa took GT as a benchmark in this regard.
With GT Sport and 7 unfortunately they are not even close to the best on the market (when it comes to the steering and feeling of the car).

I always played GT for hours every day, but with GT Sport i lost interested in my beloved game. I didn‘t even care anymore. Now, with the upcoming release of GT 7, i can see the same issues regarding the steering, and i would love to get this fixed, or atleast, offer 2 different steering styles in the options menu or do something else to fix it.
Just look at Wreckfest on console for example, it plays like a dream! I can feel everything with the gamepad, it‘s a joy.

Iam on mobile right now and i will try to add a Poll, i would like to hear from you guys aswell, how do you think about the steering of GT Sport (7).
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My only issue with the steering in GT Sport is my controller steering sensitivity constantly needs to be adjusted based on if it's a street car, or a race car. They desperately need an option to change the steering ratio in the tuning settings for each individual car. I always choose lower sensitivity for street cars (3 to be exact), and maximum sensitivity for race cars.