Kneeee Dowwwwnnn

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Has anyone else got there knee down?

I can ONLY over do it when i've edited the ride style to have my leg fully out, and then i have to break the back wheel out and get the bike NEALRY to lowside, then just save it..

Heres the only pic i have, and its actualy proxy breaked the floor... lol.

Ive dont it a lot, you have to get near the edge of the road next to those red and white bumpers (I dont kow what there called). Or when the road changes elevation on a turn, just turn your lean all the way to 25. And don't press tuck either, he leans more without it.
Riders don't need their(not there) knees on the ground. (Dani Pedrosa is a perfect example)

Anyways, I'm pretty sure you can change your riding style to lean the rider more than the bike with the knee closer to the ground(I get mine close, but rarely touches)
i've said i've changed my riding style to do it...

Indeed, pedrose is an amazing rider... but... he knee downs quite a bit... for todays top riders, its quite imperative to keep the bike upright in those slow, tight turns.

And yes, its quite obvious that the knee sticks out more when untucked.

But yeh.
Change your lateral slide and leg angle. That determines whether or not your knee touches the ground. I dont use lateral slide past 14 because I like the rider centered on the bike. My knee does touch the ground, but only when it needs to. For example, in corners that are angled.

Whether your knee touches the ground or not has no real effect in TT as far as I know, so putting it all the way down may not improve anything.
the way my dude rides, the pucks are on the ground as much as possible. i think getting a good setup will help got the bike more leaned over in the turn too.
You might want to resize that pic...

Knee downs are no problem with the correct riding style.


I wish Polyphony would add a scraping sound when you get your knee down, like in real life.
And don't press tuck either, he leans more without it.

Actually the rider leans further over in the tuck position. Untucked it's quite difficult to scrape the fairing,but tucked the fairing is digging into the road loads and producing many sparks.
The bike, not the rider, leans over "further" while tucked because nothing is limiting the amount of lean...

But that does not mean you should lean while tucked in. Untucking balances the bike in the corner. Whether the balance is effective or not is based on how you position your rider (in TT mode, customzing it, or in Arcade mode, by choosing the 3 forms)

Yes, you lean further while tucked in, but your corner entry speed is horrible. Tucking in a corner should only be use when exiting the corner, to center the gravity, reducing drag and creating better air flow.