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Kamikaze Performance Drift Team

Welcome To KP-DriftTeams's Page On GTP
We are on GT5 for pretty long , maybe one of you guys already drifted with us. so we decided to get on Gtplanet and get serious.We started with 6 Members , one left & one went to Forza but theyre still four remaining including : KP_Sensei (Leader) , KP_Unknown (Co-Leader) and his 2 Elite members : KP_Hellaflush & KP_Maverick. We will stay together as a family and we are looking for new family members to get stronger and well known , we also want to participate on battles & drift championships. We all love to drift & do some other fun stuff like clean racing & touge (mainly drifting) , so if you like what you just read , we could give you a tryout cause we are looking for new members , our standards are pretty high cause we are very experienced, we are all playing Gran Turismo for alot of years , we also prefer guys with headsets so we can talk to them and make us a own opinion of them , so try your chance :)
Btw : We use Japanese Flags ingame but We aren't Japanese actually
its just a team thing & it fits pretty good to the team name^^


1. RWD Drifting Only
2. Use Comfort Hard Tires for Drifting
3. Respect Your Teammates
4. No Racism
5. Come Around with other Teams and People


The Team:

The Leaders:

KP-Team Leader

Name: Andy
PSN: KP_Sensei
Country: Germany
Drifting with: DFGT
Fav. Driftcars: Ruf Btr, 180sx, s14, s15, supra
Fav. Drifter: Ken Nomura & Ryan Tuerck


Name: Derek
PSN: KP_Unknown
Country: Scotland
Driving with: Ds3 (Soon G27)
Fav. Driftcars: Supra, M5, Ruf Btr
Fav. Drifter: Daigo Saito, A.Kuroi (R.I.P)

Elite Members:

Name: Mitchell
PSN: KP_Maverick
Country: England
Drifting with: DFGT (Soon G27)
Fav. Driftcars: Supra, Ruf Btr
Fav. Drifter: Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Name: Manuel
PSN: KP_Hellaflush & Nelinho2029
Country: Portugal
Drifting with: Ds3
Fav. Driftcars: Ruf Btr, s15, Rx7, Db9
Fav. Drifter: Mad Mike, Daigo Saito
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a little more work and you might have a good OP o_o welcome to GTP
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The Hague
Welcome and good luck! KP reminds me of Koguchi Power... I miss those guys.
Royale Natio Touge
Good luck on behalf of teamJDMT! Wish you all the best, and hope to drift with you soon.