lap time - Suzuka

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Maybe it's about timethat we take some tracks that really exist (and which are not the ring or laguna seca)

Post your fastest suzuka times here it's allowed to drive in practise or in arcade mode
these are the classes



1). 2.11.227 : CBR 600 RM --> Sideways_skinny
2). 2.10.904 : Yamaha R6 RM --> GeoQuin4

600-1000(note: the kawasaki ZX- 6R RM is in this class as it has 648 cc and the triumph as well)

1000 and more
1). 2'07.876 : Ducati 999R RM (Semi-pro mode)--> mthielen
2). 2'08.813 : 7 Honda CBR1000RRW Suzuka 8hr (Semi-pro mode)--> mthielen
3). 2'09.017 : 7 Honda CBR1000RRW Suzuka 8hr (Semi-Pro Mode)--> DJ Baker

New fast laptime of me coming up very soon

each record must be proven by replay
2'09.017 on the 7 Honda CBR1000RRW Suzuka 8hr (Semi-Pro Mode, Softs)

The Pole time for the '06 running of the Suzuka 8hr was 2'09.176! :)

I'm sure someone will easily beat my time though. :indiff: