Lay-Z-Boy Racing - Accepting New Drivers for New Season starting May 13th, 2024

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I would really enjoy racing with you guys! I’ve been playing gt7 for about a year now and I want to get more involved into online races!
I'm out for remainder of the week
Scuudz can get you squared away

Looking forward to racing with you
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You can add digitalrelay on PSN too. I plan to have a practice/test/tune lobby open tonight around 6p if it works for you (or anyone else).

Most of us typically are on PSN Party chat while practicing and racing. It's not required, but generally encouraged. It just makes it easier to communicate and helps build a sense of community.
This weeks races brought to you by our gold tier sponsors JUUL and Squarespace.

Mon wk 1.png
Wed Wk 1.png
These muscle car races are a blast!
Plenty of power & with this compound makes
tuning very important.

Wed series week 2, is one im definitely looking forward to. F1500's & Zonda R's are gonna be a blast

If you're interested send PSN msg to Scuudz or Delta795, or leave a message in this thread
No race on Memorial Day. Here are the settings for the following Monday's trials at Nuremberg Ring.
Mon wk 3.png
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Hi, would love to join in on this! haven't done league racing ever but want to find a group that I can race and get better with!
Hey punisher have you found a group to race in yet? I too am pretty new to racing and would like to join a friendly group that is in it for fun and a little competitive spirit. I have done only 2 live races and came in last both times. The last time a player purposely did a pit maneuver on me. I work a weird shift (3p-11p) Saturday-Wednesday so I am good for morning races or friday night races.
sounds good!
I saw your post, sorry I was away (wife had a surgery). If you want to race with us and see if it's a good fit, shoot me a message here or on PSN

We are gearing up for next seasons of Monday & Wed. We have a good mix of racers, all are very clean & respectful racers.

I would really enjoy racing with you guys! I’ve been playing gt7 for about a year now and I want to get more involved into online races!
Hey bud, if you're still interested shoot me a msg here or on PSN Delta795

I've been out recently, but we're gearing up for our next Monday or Wednesday series!
Some initial info on the upcoming Monday Series starting up July 22.

Not everything is set yet, but this could get y'all going with tuning & testing. Here we go!

We will be emulating real world races this season, so each race will be a bit different .Typical LZB rules on penalties, damage etc.. unless noted. Base fuel & tire wear set at 4x.

10 min qualifying
30 min endurance race
Qualifying starts at 845 PM Central

Nascar at Watkins Glen long course.
Camaro ZLE 1E
Min weight 3150 lbs / Max HP 510. Racing tires
(Wide body allowed).
No engine swaps

Indy car at Laguna Seca
Min weight 1631 Max HP 650
Mandatory tires RS/RM

Nascar at Indy OVAL
Camaro ZLE 1E
Min weight 3150 lbs / Max HP 670 HP (Wide Body allowed)
Racing tires

LMP's GR1 (no VGT) at Catalunya (no chicane) BOP'd
Racing tires
Full tuning allowed

GR4's at Brands Hatch
Full tuning allowed
RM tires required

Super Formulas at Fuji (no chicane)
SF '23 models.
Racing tires
Full tuning allowed
Nitrous set to 1.5x to work like overtake

More info to come. If you have questions, message me here or on PSN.
New Wednesday series starting on 7/24/24:

  • Honda NSX GT500 '00
  • Toyota Supra GT500 '97
  • Nissan GT-R GT500 99

  • No BOP, you're free to tune your car as you see fit.
  • You don't have to use only one car for the entire series.
  • Nitrous and engine swaps will be turned off
  • Racing tyres required, no mandatory compound and no mandatory pit stop

Instagram post - 12.png

GT500 Regs (1).png
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