Le Mans 2 Hours 1967 replica race / 24th May

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  1. Tob Racer

    Tob Racer

    Hello !

    I'm organizing a massive Le Mans 2 hours race this Sunday.
    The race will use real life replicas mainly from Le Mans 24 Hours 1967 and of course it's themed around the Ford vs Ferrari battle. They will be 2 classes: Prototype and GT. I'm looking for a full 16 grid with 8 GT cars and 8 prototypes cars and every cars will receive a balance of performance.
    And it will have a proper Le Mans start !

    All the details are in the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12voHJM-ym9P6J3iMDM0vPrez9EP2mVLSzCAq_8wvuwI/edit?usp=sharing

    There's 6 cars still available to pick !
    Prototype class:
    - Ferrari 412P #22 Scuderia Filipinetti 1967
    - Ferrari 412P #25 North American Racing Team NART 1967
    - Ford Mark IV #2 Shelby American Inc. 1967
    - Ford GT40 Mark I #16 Ford France Sa 1967

    GT Class:
    - Ferrari 250 GTO #58 Scuderia SSS Repubblica di Venezia 1962
    - Porsche 911S #42 Auguste Veuillet 1967

    I'm aware 4/6 cars are really expensive but I'm hoping to find some people who have at least one of these crazy expensive cars. But if you have at least an A110, E-Type, Corvette C3 or GT40 you can still race. I'm willing to do my best to have a full 16 cars grid and I can replace the crazy expensive cars (x2 412P/330 P4 & 250 GTO) by cheap GT cars (For example Alpine A110 #61 1968 & Jaguar E-Type Maurice Charles #8 1962 & Corvette C3 Scuderia Filipinetti #3 #4 1968) and a GT40 MkI (John Wyer Automotive Engineering #62 1967).
    I have to keep the #2 Mark IV though as it's an important car.

    About the liveries, If you're not happy with the replica livery, I can give you another one like for example instead of the 250 GTO Venezia #58 you can have a the green 250 GTO UDT Laystall 1962. Or instead of the 412P Filipinetti you can have the official SEFAC Ferrari #20 or #19.

    Feel free to reply down below if you're interested, have any questions, critics... Cheers ! :)

    Also, just noticed some people in the forum are already organizing Le Mans races for Sunday, sorry about that I wasn't aware of it.

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  2. Tob Racer

    Tob Racer

    Hello all :)

    I'm still looking for some drivers. 2 exactly to drive these Le Mans cars of your choice:
    - Ford GT40 MkI Ford France Sa / Or Ford GT40 MkI John Wyer Automotive Engineering #62
    - Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Maurice Charles #8 1962 / Or Ferrari 250 GTO Scuderia SSS Repubblica di Venezia #58 1962 / Or Ferrari 250 GTO UDT Laystall Racing Team #20 1962 / Or Chevrolet Corvette C3 Scuderia Filipinetti #3 or #4 1968.

    It's a massive event, with a LOT of preparation to make it perfect and really close to reality.
    Hint me up quick if you're interested ! The race is Sunday 24th May starting at 7 PM UTC +2:00
  3. R_Goldstreiff


    Hey hey, I know this race wasn't really happening that much here on GTPlanet, but I thought I'd still post a few pics from the 3 Le Mans events Tob Racer hosted this early summer, as they were a lot of fun:

    Edition 1.0 - 2h Le Mans 1967 on 24th May:

    Parade Lap

    Edition 2.0 - 2h Le Mans 1967 on 7th June:
    Start! =)

    ...and as a Bonus - 2h Le Mans 1989 on June 21st:

    Thanks @Tob Racer for the races!
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