Le Mans 2 Hours 1967 replica race 4th edition / 7th November

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Hello !

I'm organizing a classic Le Mans 2 hours race on the 7th November 2021 with the help of @R_Goldstreiff and @Adam Barber
The race will use real life replicas mainly from Le Mans 24 Hours 1967 and of course it's themed around the Ford vs Ferrari battle. They will be 2 classes: Prototype and GT. I'm looking for a full 16 grid with 8 GT cars and 8 prototypes cars and every cars will receive a balance of performance.
And it will have a proper Le Mans start !

All the details are in the google doc:
(Editing it at the moment, expect some changes before race week, Cobra Daytona BOP to do).

Because the race is victim of it's success and popularity, We'll have 2 lobbies: Lobby 1 is already full but the Lobby 2 needs some drivers.

Feel free to reply down below if you're interested, have any questions, critics... Cheers ! :)
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West of France
Hello all :)

I'm still looking for some drivers. 2 exactly to drive these Le Mans cars of your choice:
- Ford GT40 MkI Ford France Sa / Or Ford GT40 MkI John Wyer Automotive Engineering #62
- Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Maurice Charles #8 1962 / Or Ferrari 250 GTO Scuderia SSS Repubblica di Venezia #58 1962 / Or Ferrari 250 GTO UDT Laystall Racing Team #20 1962 / Or Chevrolet Corvette C3 Scuderia Filipinetti #3 or #4 1968.

It's a massive event, with a LOT of preparation to make it perfect and really close to reality.
Hint me up quick if you're interested ! The race is Sunday 24th May starting at 7 PM UTC +2:00
Hey hey, I know this race wasn't really happening that much here on GTPlanet, but I thought I'd still post a few pics from the 3 Le Mans events Tob Racer hosted this early summer, as they were a lot of fun:

Edition 1.0 - 2h Le Mans 1967 on 24th May:


Parade Lap

Edition 2.0 - 2h Le Mans 1967 on 7th June:

Start! =)

...and as a Bonus - 2h Le Mans 1989 on June 21st:

Thanks @Tob Racer for the races!