Le Mans 24Hrs All A-Spec: AI Laptimes, Pit Strategies & Guides

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Hello all! Me again. *waves*

So it's very possible that me and my buddy will be doing a Le Mans 24 Hours stream in a few weeks time, running an entire 24-hour race - and our games of choice will either be Project CARS 2, which we've had some harrowing experiences with in the past in terms of bugs, or Gran Turismo 5.

Now, if we pick GT5 as our game of choice, I'd rather like to know AI laptimes and pit strategies to ensure a pretty close and competitive race throughout. My buddy isn't quite as fast or consistent as I am, but regardless, I'm worried that going all in with a 908 right away might result in the race being over as a contest six hours in, and us having to fill basically dead air for 18 hours.

Now I'm sure there were such guides and compendiums lurking around here on the forums, so I'll investigate - I know there certainly was for GT4! - but if anyone has such information to hand, please do share it here, I'd be very grateful ^_^

If you get the mod and get online, I could prob rustle up a team to race you realtime. I'd love to do an online 24 hrs with GT5! If we could get a few more of the online guys on board, you got yourself a genuine le mans! No screen dead time then!!
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