List of Bugs I've found whilst playing the game

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Quick Match

  • Timer ends and you haven't found a lobby match, the game tells you it's going to restart the matching process. You end up in a lobby with players but you can't drive on track or enter a race because the button to do so doesn't exist, only the Driving options and exit buttons are displayed.
  • You enter the track and AI is controlling your car outside the pits, exiting and leaving from pits again does nothing to give you control again.

Open Lobby
  • Room will keep restarting the race a few seconds into the race. People either leave because they are disappointed this keeps happening or, rarely everyone agrees to leave and join a new room. As you can tell this is extremely bad for online play. It is game-breaking and off-putting to the host and players involved.
  • Lag-spikes
  • People not on track
  • People getting disconnected when race starts
  • Room kicking everyone when race starts.

Tuning/settings page:

  • Sometimes whilst you're renaming a setup, the on-screen keyboard glitches and you cannot press any buttons. You can move only the joystick, moving the little box, no other buttons work, they are effectively frozen. You have to restart the PS3 to regain control.

I'll be adding more as I play the game and notice/remember more. I aim to collate here all the lesser-known bugs/glitches and also those that happen with poor internet connections.
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