Lobbies crashing every time and races not starting

Sloppy Shades

United States
Daytona Beach
Terrible, absolutely terrible. I did 3 daily races which were ok as mostly S ratings on SR but then went to lobbies to have some fun and not one started ok. One had me starting in REVERSE and the other 3 just crashed on the grid,
This is the problem with changing server settings on a newly released major game. Game should be pulled until fixed. All buyers given 3M in credits for cars or something.
After one race I lost 49 cars out of my garage...On restart they were back but I was THIS close to deleting the game as a waste of my time.
Gonna try one more see if 5th time is lucky.
People laugh at Project Cars for bing the bug king. Well, the king is dead long live the new bug king :(
BTW anyone know exactly how you improve DR? NOt that bothered, just want clean races but it would be nice to have like you know ONE goal that I can achieve with hard work?

EDIT: Finally got into lobby that didnt crash. Didnt START either. Was sparring with host for lap times. Actually beat his by a tenth then he refused to start the race, doing 8 laps and counting until I finally quit trying to beat it I guess. I counted a total of 18 laps practice. Participants should have a VOTE button to start the race! 50% say start and off we go.
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