Logitech APAC Grand Final happens today

  • Thread starter JayOTT
We had a thread for the qualifying stage of this event, but I feel that a live final is a big enough occasion to warrant it's own. Whilst the World Final may be the main event this week, Logitech has gathered six highly talented drivers from the Asia-Oceania region to compete in Taiwan and should not be overlooked. The field should look like this unless someone has pulled out;

- sidawg2 (New Zealand)
- KennyConomos (Australia)
- orangutanajaib (Malaysia)
- WING-OF-BUG86 (Hong Kong)
- fujio4jd (Japan)
- look_hazard (Japan)

The format may appeal to those who feel that PD has dropped the ball with the Nations Cup Final format. Three races, all group 3, 10 minute qualifying for each, 10 lap races. And the prize has just gotten a bit more interesting as now the winner here will get to compete at the McLaren Shadow semi-final and not just spectate. I've been told the stream will start at 3:30pm AEST (5:30am UTC), and the English broadcast is on the same channel as the ANZ group races were hosted on;