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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 3' started by icecreamdeliveryman, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. Alright, I finally got my copy of GT3 and the GT Force Wheel from playstation.com (it came with a free Perfect Game Guide too). I thought I'd post my impressions of the wheel, since it seems to be a recurring topic in the forum. As of now, I've logged in about 4-5 hours with the wheel.

    Hour 1 - my first time using the wheel felt like I was playing GT1 for the first time again. My car swerved all over the track as I fought to gain control. Spin-outs were frequent, and victory was nowhere in sight.

    Hour 2 - Success! I managaed to place first in a beginner race on the Super Speedway with a low-end car. I was still hitting the walls a lot/spinning out/swearing profusely on any track with turns tighted than the Speedway (which is all the rest of them).

    Hour 3 - Finally starting to get the hang of the wheel, and I placed first in some of the Amateur Series Turbo races. I was now smiling more than swearing.

    Hour 4 - Began using the wheel on some of the IB liscences with moderate success. I've noticed that the pedal/wheel combo makes it easier to maintain a precise speed and turning angle (a bonus for the liscence tests). Although I'm probably still better with the Dual Shock controller, the wheel has finally begun to feel comfortable.

    All in all, I'm happy with the wheel. It's sturdy, the force feedback rocks, and the sensitivity of the pedals and steering can't be beat. However, if you're like me and have logged over 100 hours into the first two games, this peripheral will take some getting used too. Even after 4-5 hours, I'm still not confident with my driving abilities with the wheel, but with patience I'm sure they'll improve. If it's your first time playing the game, I'd say get the wheel and learn on that, but if you're a veteran of the series, the re-learning curve might be a little too discouraging.

    Oh yeah, as many of the others have mentioned, the cables are too damn short!

    Hope this helps.
  2. LittleE2424


    how short are the cables? cause i think im going to get to the gt wheel
  3. The USB cable is five feet, and the plugin cable is also five feet. Since it plays best while clamped to a tabletop, you can't sit more than 3-3.5 feet away from your PS2 and plug outlet.
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    Well, the good thing about USB, you can always get longer cables/extensions and it shouldn't be too expensive.  :)

    Thanks for the review, deliveryman!
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    I bought my Gt Force, the day after i got GT3, the day it came out. I had the same kinda learning curve, but i spend a while on the complex string. But now that i have had it a long time, its like second nature, and i wont be going back to the dual shock. I have mine clamped to a light desk, and it shakes stuff off of the desk, like Spree, or whatever sugar boosting things i have laying on it (good for endurance) lol  anyways, yeah i love it.
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    Has anyone tried any other 3rd party steering wheels?  Is the Logitech Formula GP wheel compatible w/ GT3?  It's basically the same thing as the GT Force wheel but without the Rumble.
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    Deliveryman, are you going to persevere with the wheel or stick with the dual shock?
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    When Logitech sent me my wheel for review, I was really anticipating it.  But, I've only played for a few hours with it. I went straight back to the DS controller.

    It's not the wheel's fault, though.  I'm just so used to the DS, that it was like trying to ride a bike with my hands on the pedals.
  9. esg


    Where can I find only the GT Force?

    Can I use any other Logitech forcefeed back wheel?
  10. dna


    How do you guys anchor the steering wheel and foot pedals down so they don't move around?
  11. Boarder X

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    hey, im thinking of buying GT3 next week, and i might want that wheel, but i have the V3 Racing Wheel 2, and i wanted to know if i should take that back for the GT3 wheel, do you think its worth it?ohyeah, the vibration on my v3 wont work with my Ridge Racer 5 game, but on some others it does, i hope it works with GT3. thanx.
  12. I've got my wheel anchored to an old school desk that didn't have an attached seat, so it's at the perfect height for sitting. Interstingly, I've seen some people selling custom made thingys for the GT Force on ebay; they look decent, but I'm not sure how confident I'd be in the construction.

    Oddly enough, the carpet on my floor (which is about 25 years old) keeps the pedal base in place; no slippage at all. However, if you want to keep it steady on a less stable surface, I'd suggest something like one of those 25 pound exercise weights (barbells?) with hexagon weights on both ends (as opposed to rounded weights).

    I've put in another 6-7 hours on the wheel, and it's getting very comfortable; I don't think I'll be going back to the DS any time soon. However, I don't think I'll be using the wheel for endurance races; sitting back on my couch to do a 2 hour+ race will definitely be more comfortable (and probably better for my back). I guess that's my only real complaint about the wheel. Like AltF8, I've logged countless hours in on my DS controller while sitting in a comfortable chair at a comfortable distance from the TV. In order to have the wheel at the best height for driving, I think you'll find that you're going to have to hunch over a bit to use it, which doesn't feel so good after a few hours.

    Personally, the GT Force has added a completely new level of fun to the game for me, and I definitely think it's worth the money. As of now, I don't think my driving is as accurate with the wheel as with the DS, but that just gives me something to work on.

    BTW, if you want some cheap entertainment, put some hotwheels or marbles or something on the table while you rally race with the wheel. Shake-tastic!
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    sorry to revive such an old thread, but does anyone know how thick the mounting surface needs to be for the GT? roughly...