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    Welcome to the GTPlanet GT4 Drifting board. :)

    In an effort to reduce clutter and duplicate threads, we have created some official threads to cover the main topics that are frequently asked and posted about. Before asking a question that's probably been answered already, please take a minute to look in the threads below. If you can't find what you're looking for, please make good use of the search function before creating a new thread.

    This DOES NOT mean you are not allowed to post new thread. We're simply centralizing the frequently asked info to help new drifters get started.

    We apprecitate your cooperation in keeping this forum clean and efficient. Thanks to the drifting community and those who started the threads below for making the effort to keep this forum legible. Please respect their efforts by keeping your discussions on-topic in these threads.

    Must Read's for New Drifters:
    How do I drift?
    Drift Settings:
    Car and Track Discussions:

    Controller Discussions [DFP and DS2]:

    Drift Photos:

    Drift Videos:


    Online Play:

    Other Discussions:
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