Looking For Clean Racing?

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New year greetings all GTP'ers! Hope your holiday time was good over the break. Let me introduce myself to those who may not know of me. I am TJC_69, otherwise known as TJ.

I run clean lobbies on gt sport for drivers of all speeds as long as they are clean. Lobbies are open for all to join, friendly and good fun with regular drivers.

If you're looking for somewhere clean and fun to hang out, plus practice your race craft without being divebombed from 2 seconds back by random players, then we'd love to have you join us and race.

Link to the channel is in my signature, feel free to join whether you are A+ or just getting started out. We have fast, medium and beginner drivers with full lobbies that are live broadcast online.

Wasn't sure where to post this but hope it's ok to do so.



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Yeah was considering it but what we do isn't so much a league rather than a place anyone can come to with no solid commitment to partake regularly.
Firstly, this forum is for posting about online racing events and leagues. This could be a one-off race you want to hold, a more organised themed league over multiple meetings, or a club with varying interests - or any mixture thereof.