Lotus Esprit V8 SE '98

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    This set-up is for the Lotus Esprit V8 SE '98. It's fully modified with the best parts, including the rollcage, without nitrous, and uses Sports Medium tires. It also gave 1'12.422 on Midfield.

    Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

    -Spring Rate: 15.3 / 15.3
    -Ride Height: 84 / 104
    -Bound: 7 / 7
    -Rebound: 8 / 8
    -Camber: 2.2 / 1.6
    -Toe: 0 / 0
    -Stabilizers: 3 / 3

    -Initial: 15
    -Acceleration: 20
    -Deceleration: 10

    Amount: 25 / 30

    Driving Aids
    -ASM Oversteer: 0
    -ASM Understeer: 0
    -TCS: 3

    Brake Controller
    -Brakes: 11 / 11

    1. Slide "Final" all the way to 5.500.
    2. Slide Autoset to 1.
    3. Then slide "Final" to 3.300.
    This is the tranny trick, and this is a good base for tuning your transmission for each track.

    -Weight: 0

    © Duck7892
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    I think you may have gotten your cars confused. I purchased a Lotus Esprit V8 '02, but I don't see an Esprit V8 SE '98 in the game. I tried to use the same settings, but the Spring Rate doesn't go high enough on the '02. Could you post some updated settings on the '02 model?
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    Holy necro post batman!

    Also, the SE '98 is available from the used car lot ;)
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    Awesome, DuckRacer is back! I've been meaning to drive one of your cars. :tup:
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    Parnelli... Look at the OP date.
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    :lol: @ Parnelli.
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    Last edited five years and two days ago. That's twice in the last month you've done that PB. Are you getting to the stage where you might have a 'senior' moment every now and then?

    On topic, it's interesting to see how tuning has developed over time. Just on numbers, you can tell that it's stiff as buggery with a strange ride height.

    Still have a massive soft spot for Duck's tunes cause I spent about 9 mths copying his tunes by hand (using the archaic method of pencil and paper) and still have about 40 in my GT4 folder. Then I figured out how to register to gtp.
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    :facepalm; How embarrasing! :O Well, as the saying goes...everything happens for a reason.

    I drove it anyways just now...I remember somebody saying something like "Duckracer was the only one who did anything good with driving aids". Something like that. so I've been meaning to drive one of his cars anyways.

    I just assumed "best parts" meant as much power as possible, full weight reductions, and triple clutch...etc etc...It was pushing somewhere over 720 horsepower because of this.

    It's like a street rod in a way. A lot of fun (and interesting) to drive, but not very useful to be honest.

    Out of corners it feels GREAT, as long as there isn't too much of a curve ahead. With the +3 of TCS, I could even use 1st gear out of Midfield's tightest turn (the one before the 2nd bridge). It's such a rush!

    But as soon as a curve comes up, it just feels awful. Way too much brake-time is needed on the way in, and then it STILL understeers really bad. And I can't really blame this fully on the S2 tires because it KEEPS understeering even if the speed is dropped way, way down...it's like needing to turn an armoured bank truck or something.

    But overall I did find it kinda fun to "master" this car. Made a 1:14.396 after like 5 laps. Not bad I guess.
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