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    There are many steering wheel stands and cockpit setups out on the market now for the DFP steering wheel. This thread is for those who do not want to build something out of wood and a junkyard bucket seat. The following is a list of links that I have found.

    Stands under $100.00

    The Xlerator Wheel Stand is the best value on the market $89.95. It is inexpensive (compared to most simms). Can be used in you living room on your favorite recliner or sofa. Very stable and functional. Small and storable when not in use. I love my Xlerator Wheel Stand, its awesome! (have seen on ebay)

    Stands $100 - $200.00

    The Redline Gt Racestation is a nice unit stores nicely $119.95. Very adjustable. (have seen on ebay)

    The Hyperdrive setup is a nice one for $149.00.

    Stands $200 - 300.00

    The GT-Sims Racing Cockpit, nice setup for $299.99 w/seat. (have seen on ebay)

    Stands $300 - $500.00

    Game Racer Simulator. Getting up there in price $499.99.

    Links to stands and Simms outside USA

    Will add more links as I find them.

    If you have comments about any of these stands or have more links, please post them.
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    The Virtual Race Chassis

    A bit over US$400 with shipping, but a very solid setup. I've been using one for over two years, first with the MOMO, now with the DFPro. No complaints.
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  4. For people living in the UK, you can buy the Playseat from ToysRus Online for £179.99 plus £3.90 shipping.


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  6. ...
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    Here are pictures of my Xlerator Wheel Stand. Took 1.5 seconds off my best time on Tahiti Maze with my Lancer using this stand (love the Ralley races). Anybody else had the same luck with there stand?

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  10. i need something thinking about buying the guys know if you can mount any seat to it?
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    Which one, some already have seats mounted to them others are for use with you sofa or recliner.
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  13. i said the GTCockpit....that cannot be used with a sofa or a chair....the chair needs to be a car seat, and im trying to find a good cheap one
  14. from the website FAQ:

    Q. If I decide not to purchase the seat, what seats will work with this unit?
    A.Only Sparco® bottom-mount type seats will work. For more information, please click here
  15. gay....if a sparco bottom mount seat will work, wont any bottom mount seat work?
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    You would think, but I guess it would depend on where the openings are at on the bottom of the seat, in comparision to where the mounts are at on the simulator itself...

    And for those interested, more options for simulators (Lap attachments or full on race sims) can be found here as well.
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    Forgot the best one. Xlerator Wheel Stands. Some stands, get no respect! Whats the matter with you!
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    Xlerator Wheel stands work with the AK Rocker chair!

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    Excuse the late response.... :D

    However, I'd opt for the GameFrame or even the Game-Stand from Ash Design before ever going for the Xlerator...IMHO that is but only from the stand-point of more flexible options for use based on seating arrangements as opposed to 'cost'...but that's just me! ;)

    The Xlerator stand is still a good product though, so I'm not saying anything negative about it!

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  23. just took delivery of the Xlerator stand yesturday. very happy with it. only down side i can think of is duckt taping the pedals to the floor panel.
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    Company: BRD
    Location: UK
    Model: Race Frame Pro
    Cost: WITH Cobra Racing Seat: £467.83
    WITHOUT Seat: £353.83

    Resellers? Yes. check link above

    NOTE: U.S. Distributor: Trinity Racing
    WITH Seat: $981
    WITHOUT Seat: $672

    Company: Ash Design/GamePod
    Location: UK
    GamePod GT1
    GamePod GT2
    GamePod GTS
    NOTE: Not yet available!
    James Pickford "Special Edition
    Pricing: Prices vary on style and seating options. Too many to list here. Please refer to link above.

    Company: Redline Sims
    Location: U.S.
    Resellers? NO
    Qualifer Series
    Price: $400
    Speed Series
    Price: $600
    Checkered Flag Series
    Price: $1000

    Company: HyperStimulator
    Location: Austrailia
    Resellers? Yes
    Clubman Series
    Pricing: Multiple currency listings found on above link. Too many to list here. Please check link above!
    NOTE: ONLY Clubman series is compatible w/PS2 games...other two are strictly PC based

    Company: Frex
    Location: Japan
    Resellers: NO
    Model: Frex Cockpit
    Pricing: 38800 Japanese Yen
    NOTE: Use for conversion to local currency

    Company: Virtual Racer
    Location: Canada
    Resellers: No
    Model(s): VRX & VRX 2
    Pricing: Not posted on website. Contat company directly.

    Company: Virtual GT Corp
    Location: U.S.
    Resellers: No
    Virtual GT Pro
    Pricing: Base cost of $13,000; Upto $15,000 +/- based on display type/size.

    Company: Virtual Roadster
    Location: U.S.
    Resellers? No
    Model(s): Virtual Roadster
    Price: Based price starts at $2,000

    Company: Vision Racer
    Location: UK
    Resellers: No
    Model(s): Vision Racer
    Price: £379.99

    Company: Nixim
    Location: UK
    Resellers: No
    Racecraft GT & Racecraft Polecat
    NIXIM Pod SF1 & SF1-L
    NIXIM Pod GP & GP-L
    NIXIM Pod Qualifier

    Racecraft GT
    WITHOUT Seat = £478.00
    With Seat = £595.00
    WITHOUT Seat = £362.00
    WITH Seat = £479.00
    Nixim "Pods"
    Qualifer = £2200.00
    GP or SF-1 = £2350.00

    Company: PlaySeat
    Location: World Wide
    Resellers: Yes - Click Here
    Model(s): Playseat
    Pricing: See main link above, then go to your specific country/region.

    More to come later when I have more time to list the information...

    Hope this list helps those who are looking for it! ;-)
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    ^^ nice list. :tup:
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    It didn't take that long to get all the informaiton together, as I had a pre-existing list I had been working for some time close by which I could reference fairly easy.

  27. I am in the process of importing a cockpit with a similar design to the Sparco. With mine there is room to put a Monitor directly in-front of the steering wheel. In addition I have added keyboard and mouse stands for those who would like to use it for PC gaming. My target price for the cockpit is $425 including a seat. If you are interested please drop me a PM as my first sample units are arriving next week from which I will be doing product shots and finalizing my orders. Below is a sneak peak of what it looks like :sly: I am a die hard GT4 addict and went into this because I could not find perfect solution on the market. I think you guys are going to like it for the price!



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    Add one to the list...

    Virtual Race Chassis


    $US 389 + shipping

    I've had mine for 3 years, and it's superb :tup:
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