Massive improvements of the online lobby system (hopefully?)

Do you guys remember GT6 lobbies?
GT Sport was a massive disappointment in the sense that many features were gone in this...

Let's hope Kaz brings back these:

-30 seconds countback to race start
-Limit cars by traction type and engine layout (Mid engine, front engine RWD, 4WD, FF...)
-Limit cars by brand and country
-Limit cars by race car or road car
-Several tires mandatory
-One or several pitstops mandatory
-SHUFFLE races

Did he talk about this lately?
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The least I'd want is the ability to replicate races seen in the campaign, meaning the ability to select certain regulations, such as what models can be entered, if they must be stock or if they can be modified, etc.
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Thanks for making this post, was gonna make it sooner or later as I think its important those extremely useful feature get returned.

Don't forget:

  • The ability to select a car from your garage for One-Make racing, which then duplicates the car for all players in the session.

  • Host vote kick.

  • Time set intervals between each race.

  • Rental Cars.
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Sort by player count, allow hosts to choose specific cars eligible for the race and fix the bugs. Every lobby will get bugged sooner or later by the pit lane glitch, people stuck on the start line, crashes, etc.
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I was just racing a lobby that was quite fun. And had a strong urge to come find this thread after the second race and the lobby died.

Here’s what I want (probably more, but right now this is what comes to mind:

  • First, this! ^
  • Being able to change livery from those you have for the car you choose, be it downloaded or self made, instead of having to leave lobby to change
  • Being able to set one-make races with pre-defined livery options and settings
  • When restricting tuning, body parts shouldn’t be affected. (To some degree. If it adds significant aero advantages, restrict it or add balast automatically to compensate)
  • Being able to see player list when pausing mid-race (especially useful for admin, so they can kick mid race if needed)
  • Forcing a certain % of fuel to be filled
  • Forcing a certain amount of tire changes and which tires to be changed to
And I saved the best for last.. PENALIZE THE STUPID RAGE QUITTERS! They shouldn’t be allowed to jump back into another lobby right after rage quitting.

Seriously. Nothing breaks my mojo and discourages me more than people who leave mid race.
At least make it seem like they’re still in the race by adding a button called ‘RETIRE TO PITS’ so that when they leave, playercount on track stays the same, but the cars are in the pits.
And ditch the ‘player left the room’ chat message. Make it look like they’re still in the race for the rest of us.
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