Mazda 3 Super Taikyu Race Car Will be Coming to Gran Turismo 7

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Based on photos taken by people in attendance, the car we're going to get in GT7 appears very similar to the Super Taikyu car, just with a much bigger wing than the SuTai car. I don't know if the SuTai car and the Mazda3 Gr.4 will be the same car; I'm finding it very difficult to imagine a diesel car being in Gr.4, much less be competitive—the Atenza Gr.4 is garbage even with a peaky engine. Maybe with its much wider stance and pronounced aero, it can find a place in Gr.4 à la the Mégane Trophy '11.

Mazda has always been extremely weak in Gr.4. Personally, I don't think the Mazda3 will change that status quo. I'd much rather have a RX-Vision GT4, but the 3 is still very cool to have as a fan of the brand.
The Atenza Gr.4 is garbage because of the peaky engine. The gearing is all wrong (lower gears are too short, and higher gears are too long). In 1st to 3rd gear you are upshifting too soon and lose a lot of forward momentum when you grab the next gear. Then the 4th-6th gears are too long and it takes forever to reach the peak power. If you have a long enough straight it's actually one of the fastest Gr.4 cars top speed wise. The problem is acceleration is what matters in terms of laptime for most tracks. 4WD gives it good traction coming out of corners but as soon as you have to shift gears it loses chunks of time compared to other properly geared cars.

You can see the torque chart for each gear. In a properly geared car it should intersect the next gear's curve. For the Atenza it just falls off a cliff in the lower gears. PD just needs to fix the gearing and it will be competitive straight away.

Tyre wear is ok in my view. Compared to other Gr.4s it's there and thereabouts. It just feels understeery because of the its length. Ironically because of the long gears it has good fuel economy, but because of its poor base pace this rarely becomes useful.

If the Mazda3 is diesel then gearing should be less a factor. Maybe it could be similar to the Audi TT with its flat torque curve which is consistently one of the fastest FF cars. I'm glad it's coming with the TCR rear wing too as you can already make a Super Taikyu look alike with the current GT Auto wing.

I still would have preferred a Miata Gr.4. But the RXV is always one of the most OP Gr.3 cars so I guess PD had to balance it by giving Mazda an absolutely shocking Gr.4 car.
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At least the Swift will have a hometown mate on its team.

The Mazda3 TCR was(for a very brief moment), the most beautiful TCR creation. In S-Tai guise, I’d argue it’s the most beautiful & butch race car on the grid. Love the mug on it.
Another thing, at the least it’ll have a proper racing interior. Not like my favourite Gr.4 race car, which does not.

In regards to performance, if it’s based on TCR specs, it‘ll be at a weight disadvantage compared to the other FF Gr.4 cars. About 150-250kgs heavier. I don’t care though. Been wanting a proper Mazda3 race car since forever. I‘ll be making it work for my races. :D
Besides buying the car from Brand Central, it would be nice if we had the option to bring a normal Mazda 3 to GT Auto to turn it into a Gr.4 car. I think this is a nice way to bring back the "Racing Modification" feature from GT2.

They should do that with every Gr.4, I wouldn't mind the extra cost.
That feature would breathe new life into the game and would allow us to create the missing gt4 cars that already have the road versions in the game like the camaro and a110
Ah good, put an experimental non-homologated car that's 15 seconds a lap slower than GT4 cars at Suzuka into the group 4 class, that'll go well.
This is a fictional "Gr.4" car that takes strong inspiration form the Super Taikyu model. It isn't that actual model. Hence, they could exaggerate the performance of the car a bit to be on par with existing Gr.4 class cars.
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Mazda 3 Super Taikyu Race Car Will be Coming to Gran Turismo 7

The recent Mazda Fan Festa event at Fuji Speedway in Japan has revealed that a new vehicle from the brand will be coming to Gran Turismo 7 in a future update...
I want more events per track
I want time trials with tuning allowed
I want old cars like 914/6 brumos
datsun bre 2.5 trans am or bob sharp
Gt6 near the end had good events from track designer
How about lemans with lmp and gt3 that pays ?
I miss tokyo r246
I am old (72)
Rant over, kaz
Looking at the specs of the Mazda3(looking for a magnifying glass-unless someone can zoom in and enhance) on the middle tv, the PP looks to be 625.XX. However, the aspiration doesn’t look to be the normal ”Turbo”. Turbo cars on the screen are “Turbo” in Time Trial. In Brand Central, all Turbo cars(including turbo diesels) are “T(Turbo)”. Trying to make it out, but the Gr.4 Mazda3 looks like “TD”. Doesn’t look like enough letters to spell turbo nor does it look like ”NA”.