MGS2 Poll

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Snake or Raiden

  1. Snake

    9 vote(s)
  2. Raiden

    2 vote(s)
  1. Zero


    I like Raiden better, his punching and kicking barage is better, that double kick is sweet! And the fact that I dont have to listen to Octocon all the time.
  2. ScarySquirrel


    I really don't see a difference besides physical appearance. They really both do the same things.

    I honestly can't believe how pissed some people are that they don't get ot play as Snake the whole time. That's just ridiculous that they get so pissed.
  3. Concept

    Concept (Banned)

    I really think that this is no competition. I mean when you think of MGS2 or even MGS1 what is the first thing that comes to mind? SOLID SNAKE! I mean this guy is the man! I kinda felt bad at first about not playing ith snake the whole game either. I mean this whole serires has been based on him and now some guy named Raiden comes along :( It is okay though it gives the game more variety. I voted for Snake. :cool:
  4. risingson77


    I don't mind's whiny, pretty-boy, bleach-blonde Raiden that gets on my nerves. "Waaaaaah! I have to kill people and save the free world! Waaaaaah!" :mad:

    With all the cutscenes in MGS2, you'd think they would have slipped in a scene where Snake b*tch-slaps Raiden a few times. That would've made me happy. :D
  5. Zero


    I found the change to Raiden for half the game an odd and very interesting change. I mean your Solid Snake throughout all the MG and MGS games but I was very surprized to find that I would get to play with another guy.

    "I have logged out 300 VR Missions" Raiden, well good for you sonny, but I have logged more in MGS and MGS VR Missions.

    Is there even a VR simulator in this version?