Middle of the Pack Racing Presents STTR Season 1

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United States
Good day fellow racers! I am excited to bring to you Season 1 of STTR Racing. Slower Than The Rest, we strive to enjoy ourselves while not taking ourselves too seriously... Ha, in all honesty we have racers of all skill sets, but the main thing we agree on is trying to keep the racing as clean and close as we can. This will be my first endeavor of hosting a league in GT Sport, so I'm quite excited! Details below, hope to see some fo

Season 1 of S(lower) T(han) T(he) R(est) will be an exciting tour of the international cars and tracks of GT Sport. Each week will consist of a qualifying that will be 10 min followed by 2x ~20 min races. There will be two races each week. Race 2 will be reversed grid. (On race nights where 2 cars are used, a separate 5 min qualy will be held)


(Car/track selection)

Week 0: Gr3 Cars @ Spa/Barcelona Exhibition Race - Lobbies open at 9:00pm EST

Week 1: Monza (Gr4 458) 8/28/20

Week 2: Brands Hatch (Aston Martin DBR) 9/4

Week 3: Fuji (Race 1 2008 Gr2/ Race 2 2016 Gr2) 9/11

Week 4: Laguna (N500 Cars) 9/18

Week 5: Nurb GP (Race 1 Gr 4 BMW/Merc/Porsche - Race 2 Gr3 Cars) 9/25

Week 6: Bathurst (Volkswagon GTI Supersport VGT) 10/2


Race Days: Fridays evening 21:00 EST Lobby Opens

Event Length: Approx 2 Hours (Including practice)

Class: TBD

Driver Registration

  • No invitation or formal sign up required, just join the post in the race thread the week of that you are interested in attending.

  • Drivers that participate in the first stage will be given precedence over other drivers the following week. Each week a driver shows up will award that driver 1 participation point. These points will decide who is allowed to race in the event of having too many drivers sign up (max 16 drivers)

Missing A Race

If you miss a race that you sign up to attend, you will be docked a participation point. This includes DNF’s. DNS due to disconnect or other out of the ordinary issue will not be considered a missed race.

Each driver that attends week one will be allowed one(1) substitute driver to score points for them in a season.

Mid Season Registration

Drivers will be allowed to enter the league anytime during the season as long as space allows. Preference will be given to drivers with accrued participation points.

Season Structure

  • The season will have 12 rounds (2 each week).

  • Scoring will be as follows:

1st - 25

2nd - 20

3rd - 17

4th - 15

5th - 13

6th - 11

7th - 10

8th - 9

9th - 8

10th - 7

11th -6

12th -5

13th - 4

14th - 3

15th - 2

16th - 1

  • There will be 1 point awarded for qualifying on pole as well as having the fastest lap in race.

  • Drivers will be allowed to drop their worst 2 rounds of the season (DNF’s will be counted first)
Add me on PSN M_O_P_Racer
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Rule 12
No invitation or formal sign up required, just join the discord and respond to the channel message the day before the race
Anything that does not meet the following two criteria may be removed, and the user who posted it may be permanently banned from the site:
* Our members must be able to get all the information they need to be involved (schedule, regulations, results) here on GTPlanet, without clicking any links to take them away from this site.
* Our members will not be required to sign up to anything outside of GTPlanet in order to participate.
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Interested but know nothing about Discord.

When are you looking to start?
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United States
Interested but know nothing about Discord.

When are you looking to start?

No worries about discord as I'll post details and results here. This will be starting up Friday, 8/21. 10pm EST will start qualy, and I will be online a couple hours prior practicing and getting this situated. Add me on PSN M_O_P_Racer
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United States
Week 1 Preseason Races this Friday, lobbys open at 9pm EST, Qualy at 10pm.
Event Details:
Car: GT 3 Open Class BoP Tuning Off
Tracks: Spa 12 laps/ Catalunya 16 Laps
Tire Wear: 5x
Fuel: 3x

Qualy will be 15 minutes, and we will run reverse grid for race 2. Spots will be limited, first come first serve. Looking forward to it!